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Improving banking and insurance services to help the growth and development of cooperatives – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the Iranian Chamber of Cooperatives, “Mohammad Sheikh Hosseini” said about the programs of the Iranian Chamber of Cooperatives: , We provide the services and services that currently exist in the Cooperative Development Bank to cooperative companies and we seek to use the capacity of other banks to develop the cooperative sector.

The head of the Capital Markets, Insurance and Banking Commission of the Cooperative Chamber of Iran and the head of the Cooperative Development Bank said: 80% of the economy is financed by the bank and insurance is one of the actors in the ecosystem of the economy. , Including banks, insurance and credit cooperatives with the focus on the Iranian Chamber of Cooperatives is developed and implemented.

Referring to the importance of avoiding island activities and the need for a systemic view and synergy between the components, he said: “The needs and desires of the body of cooperatives should be identified in the implementation and with احصاء it processesForeign exchange, credit and investment guarantee policies should be set up to take effective steps to develop the cooperative sector and the satisfaction of the large cooperative family, which is the main target audience and the target community of the Cooperative Development Bank.

Referring to the importance of the position of the cooperative sector, Sheikh Hosseini acknowledged: “We provide the existing policies, services and services to cooperative companies and seek to use the capacity of other banks to develop the cooperative sector.”

He pointed out: Capital Market Commission, Insurance and Capacity Bank احصا Will put and identify the problems and challenges of cooperatives on the agenda. On the other hand, cooperatives, unions and provincial cooperative chambers have a high capacity and can submit suggestions, criticisms and solutions to this commission.

Sheikh Hosseini pointed out: with pathology and احصاء Problems and recognizing capacities and receiving suggestions and solutions, we modify our policies and strategies and try to achieve what the large cooperative family needs.

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