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Inauguration of 3 new student dormitories by the executive staff of Farman Imam and delivery to the Ministry of Science

According to the Fars News Agency Welfare Group, this morning on the anniversary of Martyr Chamran’s martyrdom, a ceremony was held in the presence of the Chief of Staff of Farman Imam, the Minister of Science, Research and Technology and the CEO of the 15 Khordad Foundation. , Central and South Khorasan were put into operation and handed over to the Ministry of Science.

The head of the executive staff of Farman Imam said at the ceremony: So far, 10 dormitories for girls have been built by the 15 Khordad Foundation throughout the country, and this number will reach 15 by the end of the year.

Aref Norouzi added: The capacity of these dormitories is 3250 students and it has been built in 74 thousand square meters, for which a total of 650 billion Tomans has been invested.

He added: “After handing over the 15 Khordad Foundation to the executive headquarters of Farman Imam, we seriously pursued the policy of building and equipping student dormitories for universities under the Ministries of Science and Health, and in the future we have extensive measures and plans to equip dormitories.”

The head of the executive staff of Farman Imam pointed out: According to the emphasis of the Supreme Leader and the special attention of the executive staff to the issue of encouraging marriage and facilitating childbearing, especially for students, in addition to encouraging measures and providing facilities for couples with three or more children, We will help the Ministry of Science and we will do our part in this regard.

Nowruzi continued: “We believe that spending in the field of creating educational justice and facilitating the educational conditions of the children of this land, especially in low-income areas, is a long-term investment for the country.”

The Minister of Science, Research and Technology, in continuation of the ceremony commemorating the anniversary of Dr. Chamran’s martyrdom and the day of the teachers’ mobilization, said: The executive staff of Imam Khomeini Command has needed help in every field of the country It can be modeled.

Mohammad Ali Zolfigol added: “Building a safe haven for students increases the social capital of the system and the revolution, and is an investment for the future of the country.”

He pointed out: Providing accommodation for the children of this land, also encourages and calms families, so it is one of the most essential issues that other institutions and donors should enter this path.

The Minister of Science emphasized: There are two opposing views in universities, one view is that the work of the university is science education and one should not get involved in issues such as providing accommodation and food and creating sports and cultural spaces. But the other view that we believe in is based on the fact that with the help of charities and institutions such as the executive headquarters of Imam Khomeini, welfare facilities should be provided for students so that they can acquire knowledge with peace of mind.

He added: “Everywhere in the country, educational facilities should be distributed fairly and people should have the same opportunity that people in big cities have in remote and low-income areas.”

The director of the 15 Khordad Foundation also said at the ceremony about 3 new dormitories opened: “Following the movement to build dormitories for girls in deprived and underprivileged areas of the country in the form of” National Sun Plan “, these three dormitories for girls in Birjand, Arak and Bojnourd universities with capacity We built 652 students, 14,200 square meters of infrastructure and a credit of 1,150 billion rials, and provided them to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology for the use of female students.

Hamidreza Alianzadegan added: with the three dormitories that will be opened today, the number of dormitories delivered by the foundation will reach 10 dormitories with a capacity of 2330 people, 51,000 square meters of infrastructure and an updated capital of 407 billion tomans, which is a rare coincidence in the field of dormitory construction.

He continued: “These dormitories take advantage of the most modern technical standards for the design and construction of dormitories, both in terms of structural design and architecture, as well as the design of interiors and related per capita, including facilities such as study room, prayer hall, TV room, gym, computer room, kitchen.” A health center, guest room and meeting room will be built for the welfare and use of students.

Following this ceremony, three new dormitories were officially inaugurated in the presence of the father of martyr Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan and in a video conference with the three universities of Birjand, Boroujerd and Arak.

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