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Injection of 1700 billion Rials of resources into knowledge bases by Bank Melli

Although this year has been named “Production, Knowledge-Based, Employment-Creating” by the Supreme Leader, the bank has long supported the knowledge-based companies. Had operated.

It is natural that with the decoration of this title this year, the amount and form of the bank’s support for knowledge-based companies will also change and develop, but a look at the performance of the past year in this field is also remarkable.

In 1400, the National Bank of Iran allocated 803 billion rials in fixed capital to knowledge-based companies from the contract with the National Development Fund alone.

In the field of working capital, this figure reached 930 billion rials, which is almost equal to the total amount allocated to the National Bank of Iran from the fund.

Bank Melli Iran has also paid a significant amount of facilities to knowledge-based companies from the resources at its disposal.

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