The price of Peugeot 207 finally reached 400 million Tomans / a market that is alien to the price reduction

Eqtesadonline – Parham Karimi; In today’s transactions, Peugeot 206 Tib 2 1401 models were traded today without changing the same 297 million Tomans on Wednesday. In the 1400 model, this car was traded without changing the same 286 million Tomans. 206 Type 5 full model 1399 today without changing the price of 342 million tomans.

Peugeot 207 with panoramic gears, model 1401, which with an increase of two million, finally reached 400 million Tomans. In the 1400 model of this car, it did not remain unchanged and reached 383 million Tomans with an increase of one million Tomans. The automatic version and the 1400 model, which were increasing without interruption for a few days, were traded today without changing the same 565 million Tomans.

The price of Peugeot Pars LX model 1401 does not want to go down and today it remained at the peak of 380 million Tomans without any change. The 1400 model of this car also remained without an increase of 362 million.

The 2008 Peugeot, which was traded at 60 billion tomans in one day, 1 billion and 160 million tomans, was traded at the same 1 billion and 160 million today without any change in its price.

Samand LX simple was traded in the 1400 model without changing the same 273 million Tomans and in the 1401 model was accompanied by a two million increase and was traded at 284 million Tomans.

Ordinary Dena model 1401 was traded without change at 385 million Tomans. The 1400 model did not become expensive and remained at 370 million Tomans. In the automatic turbo version, however, no price change was recorded and it was traded at a price of 492 million Tomans.

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Pride 111 was traded for 198 million Tomans today, which does not show a price change compared to Wednesday; This car has been accompanied by a price increase of 12 million Tomans since the beginning of the year. Pride 131 was traded at 178 million tomans today without any change compared to the previous day. The cash register version of Pride has also recorded a price increase of 8 million Tomans since the beginning of this year.

Tiba hatchback model 1400 will be traded with Pride 111 without increasing 198 million Tomans and the same price. Tiba was the cashier like on Wednesday without changing the price and the same 182 million Tomans was traded.

Shahin became more expensive in the 1400 model, and in today’s transactions, it was traded at an increase of 3 million to 358 million Tomans. The factory price for the 1401 model of this car did not change and it was priced at 344 million 580 thousand tomans.

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