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Instagram is experimenting with displaying stories vertically

Reports from around late last year View Instagram stories In the form of Vertical It was heard and now it seems that the social network belongs to Meta the experiment This feature is similar to Tik Tak for some users.

“Matt Navara” Social media specialist On Twitter explained that some users based on Turkey New update from Instagram Have received that Vertical feed Adds to stories. As can be seen in the video provided by him, users can still see the stories of one user by tapping the left or right side of their screen, but to see the stories of the next user, they have to drag the page up and down.

Instagram is experimenting with displaying stories vertically 2

“Tacius Voluso” Technology journalism He also mentioned the same update in Brazil, however, it can be said that Instagram has presented a new design of its stories in more countries.

It seems that the social network owned by Meta is trying to make more serious competition with Tik Tak by making these changes, which has already added the ability of vertical feed to its stories. Instagram also focuses on using video in stories instead of static content.

In recent months, Instagram has been experimenting with increasing the length of stories to 60 seconds to allow its users to submit stories of up to a minute without splitting their content. Meanwhile, the social network is also experimenting with new options for sorting users’ main feeds, and even intends to offer them an option to sort its profile.

However, it is not yet clear how long these features will be available to all users. Of course, we can expect that future updates to Instagram will bring a lot of features to users, and more details about them will probably be provided soon.

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