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Introduction of Bitban application; A step safer than ever

More and more items are being added to the list of services available on the mobile platform, and this means more information is being transferred, so maintaining and protecting the contents of mobile phones is becoming more and more important. The Bitban application is one of the apps that helps users to protect their mobile phone with more confidence.

There are many ways to protect your mobile phone, and the Bitbann app offers a range of options, including antivirus, optimization and cleanup, dynamic password protection, secret gallery, app lock, access management, and app security. In the following, we will take a closer look at these features and examine the performance of each.

The antivirus section, which is available under the name “My Security” in the Bitban application, acts like similar applications. In fact, the process begins with reviewing all the applications installed on your device, and if a malicious agent is found, the appropriate action is taken to clean it.

Introduction of Bitban application; A step safer than ever 5

The function of the antivirus section is not new, but this section does its job properly and has a good user design. The second part that you encounter in the app is the optimizer. By using the optimizer, all background processing is stopped and as a result the speed of the device is increased. The use of optimizer is more applicable to older or weaker devices and may not have significant performance on newer or more powerful devices.

Another factor that can slow down a cell phone is the lack of storage space. The cleaner section helps to solve this problem and by removing the cache, installation files, temporary files and empty folders, lightens the device load to have better performance.

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One of the relatively new features of this app is the dynamic password section, which helps users to copy and use the dynamic password from the bank’s received SMS more easily and quickly. This application reads the SMS and displays the code for you while maintaining security. This part works quickly and accurately and does not face any particular problem.

Introduction of Bitban application; A step safer than ever
Introduction of Bitban application; A step safer than ever 6

According to English speakers, everyone has a skeleton in their closet, and many users have a photo in their gallery that has the same skeleton. To hide the photos you want, you can use the “Hidden Gallery”, which is protected by a template and personal security questions.

If you want to add another security step to this combination, it is better to go to the application lock, which allows you to set a separate password or pattern for different parts of the Bitban application. The default method of protecting the app is to use a template, but you can also use other methods such as PIN and password.

The last sections of this app are related to access permissions and application security. There is no explanation as to under what circumstances programs are considered malicious or secure. An important part of application security is related to app access, but these accesses are considered in a separate section.

Although most of these features are available in today’s mobile phones, the Bitban application puts this collection together and, with the right implementation, turns a typical idea into a popular product. If you are planning to download such an app, this app is a good option that is worth trying.

  • بیت‌بان
  • Price: Free
  • Manufacturer: Advanced BitBan technologies
  • operating system: Android
  • Volume: 11 MB
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