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Investment of large industries in the railway network / ‌ Attractiveness ‌Development of traction fleet for the private sector

‌According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, the country’s rail transportation network has been facing a challenge for some time due to the shortage of rail killers, a challenge that has ultimately reduced the average standby of existing killers and the ability to allocate optimally. The locomotive has been removed from the railroad tracks.

The decrease in the number of hot tractors, in addition to the problems it has created for the timely travel of domestic loads, has also led to a decrease in the freight performance of the country’s rail network, so that domestic freight transport in the rail network It had reached 50 million tons per year, with a significant drop to 44 million tons in 1400.

* The railroad has been facing a traction crisis for the past two years

The crisis in the shortage of locomotives in the country’s rail network was caused by a decrease in government support for the industry, as well as an increase in the cost of repairs and the supply of tractor-killer parts. In the last two years, more than 150 rail killers have been grounded.
This reduction in the number of hot killers has left the country’s rail network in a crisis of traction and has complicated the processes of optimal lethal allocation.

In this regard, we can refer to the high volume of claims of private sector contractors in charge of repair and maintenance of rail tractors, which is estimated at about 2000 billion tomans.

In such circumstances, many experts suggested that steel companies and major industries of customers transporting goods by the country’s rail network, enter the field of investment in the maintenance of existing tractors or buy new tractors to operate in the country’s rail network.

This action is considered as a win-win game by experts due to the need of these companies to transport their rail freight through the rail network and due to the need of the railway company for the new locomotive fleet, and perhaps the way to cure the problem of fatal shortage in the network. Rail is the country.

* Contract for the purchase of 50 domestic lethal devices by Mobarakeh Steel

Meanwhile, Mobarakeh Steel of Isfahan, which is one of the major customers of rail freight, entered the field to solve the problem of shortage of rail tractors, which resulted in reduced transportation of raw materials for the production of its products, and a purchase contract of 50 New rail killer mapMade by Industrial Group Mapna Signed; Fars correspondent reports that eight of these purchased killers were delivered to Mobarakeh Steel before the end of 1400.

However, due to the fact that the railway company could not use the tractors purchased to transport Mobarakeh Steel as an investor and, in the event of a shortage of locomotives, grant the company a special advantage over other competitors, no understanding was reached. .

Last week, however, Seyyed Miad Salehi announced in a cyberspace memorandum that he had reached an agreement with Mobarakeh Steel to invest in 20 new lethal devices and announced: And we signed Mobarakeh Steel of Isfahan, which includes the supply of 20 new domestic locomotives worth 1000 billion Tomans and the provision of credit for the repair of some locomotives stopped by Mobarakeh Steel and increasing the cargo transportation of this company from سنگان “And Chadormelo is by rail.”

تصمیم Rational decision of the railway to use the capacity of steelmakers ‌

In this regard, Javad Rahjoui In an interview with Fars News Agency, the transportation economics expert said: “This decision was a wise decision for the steel industry to enter the issue of investing in the development of new killers, in the current situation when the country’s railway network is facing a locomotive shortage crisis.” This industry will follow. The railway decided that as an operator, instead of seeking to increase its assets as in previous years, it should think about more operation and efficiency of the country’s railway network, and in this regard, this action should be a decision. Counted forward and logically.

He added: “In a situation where the lack of government funding has deprived the railways of the ability to purchase new killers, the network’s operation cannot be stopped until resources are found, and at this point in time, it happens to be the best choice. Steelmakers And major industries that are themselves freight customers through the rail network and on the other hand are not facing a liquidity crisis, to invest in this direction.

* Create a complete train, win-win game

Rahjoui Stated: Create a complete train to carry cargo Steelmakers Using the tractors purchased by these industries, in addition to solving the problem of cargo transportation of these companies, can reduce the demand for locomotives owned by the railway company, and through this, it can be said that the purchase of each rail tractor By steelmakers and adding it to the country’s rail network, the equivalent of releasing and increasing the capacity of a killer at the disposal of the railway company to carry more cargo in the rail network.

The economist stressed: “Of course, this is a path that has just begun, and the railroad must work hard to attract investment in the field of development of rail killers and other sectors needed in the rail transport industry to get credit through this.” The requirements for the development and efficiency of the country’s rail network should be met through the use of investment capacities of the company’s major customers.

The economist said: “Undoubtedly, by creating favorable conditions for investment of these major industries in the country’s rail network, these companies themselves have already developed the rail transport infrastructure, reduced the cost of transporting raw materials and products, and finally, by increasing Production will be profitable by accelerating the support of their collections.

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