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Iran Insurance signed a memorandum of cooperation

Aiming to facilitate, encourage, develop exports and reduce trade risk:

According to the monetary financial news quoted by Iran Insurance Public Relations, this memorandum was signed by Hassan in line with the economic policies of the 13th government to facilitate trade and exchange transactions, export development and providing appropriate and reliable insurance coverage to the country’s merchants and exporters. Sharifi, Chairman and CEO of Iran Insurance, Alireza Peyman Pak, Chairman of the Trade Development Organization, Alireza Alikhani, CEO of the Export Guarantee Fund and Mohsen Ahmadi, CEO of Saba Business Development Holding.

In this joint memorandum, Iran Insurance Company provides insurance coverage to guarantee credits and investments related to export goods and services to the applicant companies introduced by the Trade Development Organization, which has been approved through the Export Guarantee Fund. Also, the strategic partnership of the parties to design new insurance coverages required for identified risks, issuance of guarantees and insurance policies necessary to participate in international tenders, cooperation to provide credit coverage to economic actors jointly envisaged. Is.

Also, according to this memorandum, which was done with the aim of organizing exporters’ insurance and ensuring the reduction of export risk, each of the parties to the memorandum in the field of providing services within their legal duties and activities to facilitate, encourage and develop exports of the Islamic Republic of Iran , Providing insurance and reliance coverage, providing the infrastructure needed by Iranian traders, exporters and companies inside and outside the country, and expanding and improving the quantitative and qualitative level of cooperation between them.

Supporting the export of the Islamic Republic of Iran by providing insurance coverage and guaranteeing credits and investments related to export goods and services, participation of the parties to provide services in trade delegations, joint commission meetings, etc. to facilitate the conclusion of export contracts Private sector traders with foreign buyers, using the capacities of Iran Insurance, Saba Business Holding and their subsidiaries to provide insurance coverage and reinsurance to reduce export risk, develop foreign trade and export development and provide special services Insurance to the centers and members of Iran Business Center and foreign trade and economic affiliates of the organization and the fund in different countries is one of the most important axes of this quadrilateral cooperation.

In this memorandum of cooperation, the two sides emphasized the development of economic activities of small and medium-sized units and knowledge-based companies in order to assess the risk and validation of foreign buyers of Iranian goods and services and to prepare a special support package.

Strategic partnership for the use of customers and economic partners of the two sides to use each other’s services, introduction of traders, merchants and exporters to Saba Holding by the Trade Development Organization and Export Guarantee Fund for joint cooperation, especially in export markets in the construction of economic units, trade cooperation Marketing, helping to facilitate and reduce the cost of financing export units for a successful presence in export markets are other phrases of this memorandum.

Also, cooperation between the parties to hold joint and specialized training and research courses, domestic and international, especially insurance training to enhance the export capacity of Iranian companies and trade and cooperation to provide information technology, logistics, transportation infrastructure required by the parties and companies, exporters and Traders are another important aspect of this quadripartite memorandum.

Other notable points in this quadrilateral memorandum include the provision of specialized services in the field of law, information technology and engineering to the Trade Development Organization, Iran Insurance, the fund, companies, exporters and traders introduced by the organization and the Export Guarantee Fund by the holding. Saba noted the expansion of mutual cooperation in agreed areas focusing on international and reliance insurance, capital markets, foreign investment, tourism and international trade.

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