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Iranian Technology Company in the final stage of the global event for selecting the best call centers

In today’s business world, customers can use different channels to communicate with the company (voice, email, social media or SMS) and most of them are located in the call center or customer service center; The development of the call center, customer collaboration for those who operate or plan to operate in Europe and the Middle East, is targeted at this event.
Mohammad Reza Mehrazma, the representative of this technology company, which has reached the final stage of this global event, said in an interview with IRNA on Thursday: “There are three regions in total, and this event will be held separately for each region.” In this global event, the best call centers will be judged according to the specified topics and finally announced in three levels: gold, silver and bronze.
He added: “In the initial stage of this event, 2,000 participants from 80 countries participated in 40 topics and shared their best experiences in the field of call centers.”
Pointing out that the same Iranian company had received the silver award of this global event in the previous period, he said: “In this period, we tried to have different and new presentations, the items that we focused on, focusing on improving service and customer experience.” Providing an advanced structure in the customer relationship system and optimizing the calculation formula of the number of responsive experts without disturbing the quality of call center services.

The representative of Safi Abi Aram stated: The final stage of selecting the best call centers from September 13 to 16 (September 22 to 25); It will be held online that I will be a guest referee from Iran in this course.
Mehrazma reminded: Usually holding these similar events and conferences is the most important and effective means of transferring experiences; This is a very large, effective and at the same time lucrative industry that can be developed day by day, and I think it is necessary to publish the achievements of such a conference within the country, and call center managers in various fields of this Benefit from the facilities and have a plan for the professional development of the call center.
He reminded: the issue of customer experience or the same good customer experience necessarily requires that there are call centers for reflection and two-way communication with customers, and if they are not call centers, it will cause the customer to lose; The second point is that by having call centers, owners of goods and services can have the largest and most effective polling centers, because when customers contact these call centers, they raise issues that are in the state of Normally, if you want to get that information, it will cost a lot of money for that organization.

In the last two years, when the issue of Corona has been raised as a global problem, the establishment of contact centers that provide immediate and immediate service to customers and people, greatly contributes to the peace of society, and we must use the art of using the achievements of global events in this Have the level and use it to rebuild or modernize and sometimes change all the processes of call centers.


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