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Iran’s standard ranks 22nd in the world

According to IRNA reporter, Mehdi Islampanah added on Sunday in the commemoration ceremony of World Standards Day in Mashhad: Iran’s National Standards Organization, which is known in the world as “INSO”, is one of the comprehensive and complete organizations in the world, in the sense that all Structures and systems in the field of standards have been formed in this organization, and while there is a separate certification body in the world, the certification center in Iran is located in the National Standards Organization itself, and this facilitates the work of the artisans, economic operators, exporters, and producers. he does.

He continued: Iran owns 11.5% of the world’s nanotechnology standards, and today educated Iranian women were able to manage 13 global corresponding committees out of 811 international corresponding committees, which is a rare rank.

The head of Iran’s National Standards Organization said: This organization is ready to unveil “Nanonmad” and has issued more than 150 Halal badges, and the National Standard Badge of Iran is a badge of honor and dignity, and I hope that a serious move will be made in line with its promotion in line with the reality of the capabilities of Iran. to be Iranian.

Commemorating the World Quality Week, Islam Panah added: Economic activists in the country proved that production in the country is done with their hard work, and the artisans, officials and standard experts and educated people and colleagues in the field of standards are soft and quality officers of the economic front of the country. They are doing a great job and this work should not be hidden from the sharp eyes of officials and other sections of the society.

He continued: “Nowadays, Iran has reached a position where it sells some national standards to some neighboring countries, and the standards can be sold and marketed after they are compiled, and this is a sign of the ability of the elite and the capabilities of Iranians to develop standards.”

The head of the National Standard Organization said: Quality is the merit of a product, and the standards that are compiled and applied are a degree of that merit and do not include all of it, and it is sometimes said that Iran’s standards are not strict in some areas, It is not the type, but Iran’s standards are based on actions and demands defined in the country, it is a degree of the desirability of goods and services and not its end.

Iran’s first rank in trademark registration

The head of Iran’s National Standards Organization said: This organization is trying to create healthy competition in the production sector by formulating standards and to be a winner in the service production sector, and this organization supports research, innovation and creativity.

Islampanah added: One of the prestigious European universities has evaluated the standards of 132 countries, and according to the annual report of this university, Iran’s standard rating has been improved by 6 places in this report, which ends in 2022, which shows the improvement of Iran’s standard rating. .

He continued: Based on this unbiased assessment, Iran ranks first among 132 countries in the world in the field of trademark registration, and it shows that Iran’s economic activists have worked well, but based on this assessment, Iran ranks first among 132 countries in the world. It has the last rank in the quality of legislation, which shows that the bureaucracy and bureaucracy in our country bothers economic activists.

The head of Iran’s National Standards Organization said: Our country ranks 6th in some other standard indicators in the Middle East region, which of course is due to the migration of elites from Iran to those countries, while Iran’s real position in the region is 1st and this Importantly, it promotes the task of specialized agencies, especially specialized ministries that are members of the Supreme Standards Council.

No device has the right to impose a new standard on the economic operator

The vice president said: no executive body has the right to impose a new standard on the economic operator outside of the “Strengthening and Development of the Standard System” law, and this is a violation, and the said law has not given permission to any body that when inside the country We have a high quality standard, we go towards the import of low-quality goods, whose quality is far lower than the quality of domestic production.

Islampanah stated: Some public and non-governmental sectors in Razavi Khorasan province make foreign purchases, while similar goods are produced in the same province, and this is an injustice to production, employment and the nation, when a high-quality product is produced in the country. It is possible for a public or non-governmental organization to allow itself to bypass the law and turn its back on a producer who is producing under oppressive sanctions.

He asked the governor of Khorasan Razavi to prevent such incidents from happening in the province, because despondency is dangerous for producers and we cannot expect production to improve under these conditions.

The governor of Khorasan Razavi also said in this ceremony: The distinguishing point of our country and our system compared to others is the strategic quality and lofty goals of the Islamic system, which produces soft power.

Yaqub Ali Nazari added: Every product is related to other phenomena in terms of quality and quantity, for this reason, a destructive product or a product with a negative impact on other phenomena should not be produced. At the same time, it should also be empowering.

He continued: The standard mark shows and confirms the health of the product and goods, and it also shows the proper connection of that product with other phenomena.

The governor of Khorasan Razavi said: The standard organization is also a reliable center that confirms the health of these phenomena and the consumer is aware of the healthy path from production to consumption, and on the other hand, manufacturers should not cause slowness in production and creativity in this path. and the sum of these two issues is a very hard and at the same time valuable work.

Nazari added: The standard mark ensures the consumer market inside and outside the country and the continuity of this matter is also very important so that the product that is produced while having quality continues this path in the future and it should not be in a way that leads to a decrease in quality. to hit the export.

He continued: In this regard, there should not be a loss of consumer confidence in exports and product quality, which is much more difficult to compensate for, and the standard sign is a reassuring sign of this path.

Referring to the recent disturbances in the country and the province, the governor of Khorasan Razavi said: the enemy is greedy for the existing conditions because it does not intend for all the country’s successes, including quality and standardization, to be formed for the benefit of the people.

At the end of this ceremony, the winners of the province’s industries were appreciated for complying with the standards and producing quality products.

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