Is the imported currency of Apple phone allocated to cars?

Online economics quotes ایلناAli Jedi, regarding the assignment of car import regulations, said: The car import regulations have not been finalized yet and the Ministry of Silence is supposed to consult with the industry commission by the government, and this issue will be completed by the end of June.

“These two issues are not related and mobile currency is not allocated to cars,” said a member of the parliamentary industry commission. Mobile currency used to be free and now it is free, and so is the car. In fact, the car import regulations have not been assigned yet, and the mobile debate is still registering the order, so its currency figure is not comparable to the car.

Jedi stressed: “Unfortunately, misinformation is given about car imports. According to the meeting we had with the Minister of Silence, the price of cars is not supposed to have a ceiling, which leads to more advantages for private cars than import tariffs.”

Regarding the integrated car sales system, the MP said: “The system was set up by the Minister himself and they are following up on this issue, so we have not entered into this issue in the Industries Commission.”

A member of the parliamentary industry commission clarified about the parliamentary investigation plan against car manufacturers: The parliamentary investigation report has been finalized and is scheduled to come to the parliament. In that case, its information can be made public, but we can not make this information public until then.


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