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Job classification plan and trade unions are implemented in Isfahan – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr correspondent, the two issues of job classification plan and also the establishment of trade unions are very important for workers and the favorable promise of the mayor of Isfahan that they will be implemented will be good news for 11,000 workers in Isfahan municipality on the eve of Labor Week. Was.

In this regard, Meysam Madahi in a joint meeting with the mayor of Isfahan on Sunday morning, referring to the special position of workers and the importance of services for this group in society, said: Workers’ Remembrance Week is an opportunity for Demanded Workers and a tribune to explain the demands of workers whose demands must be met in practice.

The need to implement a job classification plan

He added: “The actions taken by the municipality during the workers ‘week should not be limited to the implementation of symbolic programs and ceremonies, but in addition to creating an urban atmosphere, it should be in order to protect workers’ rights.”

The head of the General Department of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare of Isfahan Province, stating that Isfahan Municipality and its satellite companies have a total of about 11,000 workers who are working in the field of services, said: Implementing the job classification plan is a necessary step The workers of this complex; The job classification scheme will eliminate discrimination in the payment of workers’ salaries and benefits, prevent the exploitation of workers, and clarify the job descriptions and specialized status of workers.

Organizing problems with trade unions

He also pointed out that the municipality is one of the largest groups with workers, adding: it is necessary to form labor organizations, the Islamic Labor Council, the Islamic Labor Association and the Islamic Labor Society in the municipality to be able to exercise the legal rights of workers.

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He praised the formation of trade unions for better organization of potential workers ‘problems and added: “Participation in resolving issues and problems and disputes between workers and employers, increasing workers’ participation and increasing productivity through concluding collective agreements and rewards agreements to increase production.” And will follow up on training and promotion of workers.

The mayor’s promise to implement job classification in the first six months

Ali Ghasemzadeh, the mayor of Isfahan, stated that the issue of job classification plan at the municipal level is being seriously pursued: “In Isfahan fire department, this issue will soon enter its implementation stages and other subdivisions of the municipality will implement this plan.” Have on their agenda.

He promised to implement the job classification plan for all workers who work directly and indirectly with Isfahan Municipality in the first six months of this year.

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