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Last year, the banking system paid 2,500,000 billion tomans in facilities

Ali Salehabadi told reporters on the sidelines of Sunday’s meeting of the Industries and Mines Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly: “In this meeting, the central bank’s plans to reform the banking system were explained, which according to the talks, reforming the government’s relationship with the banking system is one of these plans.”

The Governor of the Central Bank stated that the most important concern of the members of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines is to direct banking facilities to the production boom, adding: According to reports and statistics, the banking system has paid about 2,500,000 billion tomans in facilities by the end of February last year The percentage of these capital facilities is the working capital of economic enterprises and 11.5% is allocated to the creation and development of economic enterprises.

Regarding the deadline for the implementation of the law on issuing checks and the possibility of informing the recipient of the check by text message to ensure and inform him of the registration of the check in the Sayad system, he said: The SMS information system was launched last week and made available to the public.

Salehabadi emphasized that banks should provide the necessary services according to their legal duties, adding: “If banks refuse to provide services, they will be subject to disciplinary sanctions.”

Regarding the launch of the national currency code, the governor said: “The issue of world cryptocurrencies is being investigated in the government’s economic headquarters, and the central bank is following up on the issue of the national currency code, and we hope the national currency code will be launched this year.”

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