Let the remnants of justice shares read / Registration of justice shares started?

According to Tejarat News, the CEO of the Central Depository Company explicitly registered the news related to the registration Justice shares “The mechanism and implementation processes of this plan have not been determined yet, and those who are eligible should wait for the official announcements of the competent authorities in this regard,” he denied.

Previously, the head of the Privatization Organization Registration of Justice Shares “Nothing has been decided yet about the registration of the remnants of the shares of justice,” he said. “Any person who has declared a date for registering shares of justice must be held accountable.”

Ghorbanzadeh had also explicitly stated that there was news of Registration of the survivors of the shares of justice does not have! A statement that shows that there is no news about the registration of justice shares yet.

The remarks came as the head of the parliament’s economic commission announced the issue of re-registering justice shares. Mohammad Reza Poorabrahimi had said: “From June, the call for the transfer of shares to the remnants of justice shares will be made.”

The representative had announced the consideration of a plan in the parliament, according to which people who have been left to receive justice shares for any reason can apply to receive justice shares again.

After Pourabrahimi’s remarks, the Minister of Labor also announced: “The Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare is ready to introduce those who have the priority of receiving justice shares.” The statement was a seal of approval for the registration of the survivors of the shares of justice.

What does the budget law say about the survivors?

But the remarks by parliament and the labor minister came as the Privatization Agency and the Central Depository said the new registration Justice shares It is not on the agenda at the moment because its mechanism is not ready and there are no financial resources to provide justice for the survivors.

Of course, Peyman Haddadi, advisor to the head of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization, referred to the 1401 budget law and said: “According to the 1401 budget law, justice shares should be allocated to the survivors.” But the issue that is not mentioned in the budget law is the time of registration of the survivors.

Based on this, in a general summary, we can say what the parliament has to say about registration Remnants of equity shares In June, he stated that it was the request of the parliament and no attention was paid to the government’s readiness and the existence of financial resources for the project. In other words, Poorabrahimi and Diggs, the representatives who promise early registration of justice shares, only state their demands. A request that does not necessarily correspond to reality.

Due to this issue, various news in this regard can not be trusted until an official announcement is issued by the Privatization Organization or the Ministry of Economy and it does not specify the time of registration of justice shares.

The inconsistency in the dissemination of this news, however, only confuses the people. People who have been waiting for years for the registration of justice shares. The head of the Central Depository Company had said: “In recent days, some profiteers, by announcing the beginning of the registration of the remnants of justice shares, have received sums from individuals that they should not be caught in the trap of such fraudsters.”

On the other hand, the head of the Article 90 Parliamentary Commission said that if the registration of the remnants of justice shares is to begin, the new members of the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee and the Welfare Organization will have priority in receiving these shares.

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