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Let’s become the same committed educational affairs of the sixties/ there should not be a gap between teachers and students

Mehdi Irani, an education expert, in an interview with the Fars news agency’s education reporter, said: “It seems that the Ministry of Education and subordinate institutions, such as counseling and the parent-teacher association, should help to reduce the excitement of youth, demanding self-expression, and protesting expressions.” Do not find an unwise side.

Pointing out that now we can see the consequences of the loosening of the foundation stone and the crooked stature of educational affairs under the former Minister of Education Morteza Haji, he said: These are the last effects of a wrong cultural and non-valuable procedure and decision. At that time, some people did not understand the depth of the importance of weakening upbringing and educational matters, and some people’s voices of protest did not reach anywhere.

Emphasizing that we have not paid attention to the vision of the supreme leader and the jihad of explanation, Irani added: “Maybe now we have learned a lesson that when our leader sees a distant horizon, emphasizes and recommends, we should find out the field and take action on time.” We learned that when the supreme leader of the revolution repeatedly talks about the document of transformation and the importance of education, educational fields, virtual space, combined jihad, etc. It’s time to pay attention, move, be present and emerge.

He added: It was a lesson for us that when we do not pay attention to the content, media, network and technology, when we are not on stage, we are lazy and sit down, the poisonous waves of media, network and technology will reach the streets, houses and thoughts of our society at the will of the enemy. We learned that protection requires the art of attraction and guidance.

This education expert stated: One should move and move prudently and follow the flow of increasing insight, removing doubts and neutralizing conspiracies and giving the opportunity for dialogue and answers; One should have the courage to listen and be eloquent, have a patient heart, give convincing arguments and explain and guide.

Emphasizing that there should not be a gap between teachers and students, and that gap should be filled by the enemy and his tricks, he continued: We should become the same committed educational affairs of the sixties and use the tools of the nineties and have the art of dialogue and attraction of the millennium. We must be the children of our time and guide the children of the time artistically.

Irani added: Organizations and institutions subordinate to the education system and related institutions should also be more awake, more committed and effective, have a field and plan, fulfill their duties and mission and accept that we have to compensate for some cultural and educational deficiencies and also Let’s agree to listen to the Supreme Leader’s recommendations on time and act effectively.

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