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Madani: Government seeks to popularize constructive jihad / “From constructive jihad to the Supreme Council of Construction” in Jahanara

Seyyed Amir Hossein Madani, the head of the Supreme Council of Jihad Sazandegi, said in the Monday night program of Jahan Ara on the topic “From Jihad Sazandegi to the High Council of Sazandegi”: Consideration and after summarizing, presented to the President.
He added: “The government is not looking for restructuring to revive constructive jihad, which may be in conflict with the principle of popular rule.” The mission of the Supreme Council of Jihad Sazandegi is to make macro-policies and well-planned jihadi activities.
Madani pointed out: The martyrdom of Haj Qassem Soleimani created a jihadist discourse in the country, so that after his martyrdom, a large number of jihadi groups were formed, and in a way, this culture became public at the national level.
Referring to the issue of migration from rural to urban areas, he stressed: “Infrastructure has been provided in rural areas, but there is still migration to cities, the reason is the lack of development of livelihood and economic activities, so this issue should be considered in jihadi actions.” The village can manage the country’s economy and solve the problem of food security.
The head of the Supreme Council of Jihad Sazandegi added: “Today, there are experts and elite university youth in jihadi groups who can solve specialized problems, but they have not been given the necessary field.” The question is, how open is it to popular and jihadist groups in government organizations?
In the end, he said: the government seeks to democratize the work, that the apparatuses do some of their work within the framework of popular activities, because now we have laws that cause deprivation, if the space is open, jihadi groups will work more easily. The government is not looking to form a new group, but to lay out a roadmap and provide space for the delegations to take over.
Jalil Besharti, a veteran of constructive jihad, as another guest of the program, said: “The discourse that was created to revive constructive jihad in the thirteenth government is welcomed by the old and current jihadists.” The characteristic of the Supreme Council of Jihad Sazandegi is that now, jihadi groups do not belong to a certain class or stratum and things are completely popular.
He added: “Hajj Qasim’s characteristic was that he was not proud. If we want to do jihadi work, we must strengthen this characteristic in ourselves, like the jihadi children at the beginning of the revolution who had neither public relations nor were willing to come in front of the camera.”

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