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Meeting with the family of Martyr Nasser Ahmadpour

Adviser to the Minister صمت In the affairs of the martyrs and the director general of the communication center of this ministry in a meeting with the family of martyr Nasser Ahmadpour, one of the martyrs of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, following the school Sardar Soleimani Make the best model for through concerned youth The second step of the revolution Islamic.

According to Shata, director general of the ministry’s communications center صمت In this meeting, in honor of the memory of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution, especially the glorious commander of Islam, Martyr Soleimani, honored the family of the martyrs in promoting the culture of self-sacrifice and martyrdom and protecting the ideals and values ​​of the Islamic Republic.

Hosseinzadeh Qeshmi attributed the security and peace of the country today to the self-sacrifice, devotion and self-sacrifice of the high-ranking martyrs and the patience and perseverance of the families of the martyrs and added: To fulfill the great aspirations of the Iranian nation.

In honor of the memory of Sardar Delha, he noted: According to the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, Shahid Soleimani was and is the most national and honorable figure of Iran and the Islamic world, and the popular and innovative commemoration of Hajj Qassem throughout Iran shows the nation’s leadership in appreciating this great martyr. Is.

Director General of the Ministry Communication Center صمت He added: “The martyrdom of Haj Qasim was not only the end of the life of this eternal hero, but also the beginning of a new movement in the sphere of freedom in the world, in which right-wing and freedom-loving people around the world became more and more influential.” Introduced.

Zadeh Qeshmi considered following the behavioral and managerial model of Haj Ghasem to ensure the growth and prosperity of the country in various fields and specified: The comprehensive media war of enemies and ill-wishers to turn the demands of this axis into a public demand with a great social origin is a unique achievement that can be explained. Soleimani School It should be emphasized more and more.

He stated that in the words of the Supreme Leader, truth and sincerity are symbols and indexes Soleimani School It is said, for all the concerned youth who have their office of political and social life in The second step of the revolution Islam is spreading, the school, the way, the creed, the management model, the ideal, the effort, the courage and the rationality of Sardar Soleiani’s epistemological and educational school are the best possible example and model.

Adviser to the Minister صمت In the affairs of the martyrs, in this meeting, he called the rebellion of the families of the martyrs the duty and responsibility of all the servants of the system and added: what can keep the culture of self-sacrifice, martyrdom, struggle and epic alive in Islamic Iran is following the path and mustache of the martyrs It is precious that they guaranteed the dignity and pride of the country with sacrifice and devotion.

Hassan Mumtahan, referring to the unparalleled welcome of the people in Iran and other countries to the programs commemorating the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Sardar Soleimani, said: “We have heard many times from this proud martyr that” he who lives a martyr becomes a martyr “; There is no faster way for a martyr to live than to meet and mourn with the honorable families of martyrs and martyrs.

It is worth mentioning that Martyr Nasser Ahmadpour was one of the security colleagues of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, who was martyred on 23/2/1365 in the general area of ​​Fakkeh.

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