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In the meantime, a Twitter user announced the emergence of the phenomenon of sleep deprivation in the capital market, describing the phenomenon as follows: “Many people who entered the peak of the market are at a loss and have no choice but to maintain their share. It is interesting to know that throughout the history of the stock market, the most profits have been made by sleeping shares. “In one example, the OTC share has increased 95 times since 1992, that is, it has become 10 million and 950 million tomans!” He recalled the argument of those experts who advise people to look to the stock market for a long time in order to make a good profit, but did not say that shareholders who invited high-ranking officials to invest in the stock market in the hope that they can Preserve the value of their money, but now they have lost a lot, what should they do!

The stock exchange system (TSETMC) was disrupted during yesterday’s trading on the stock market, causing the stock exchange to start trading by about a quarter. Although the disruption of the trading core has become commonplace for shareholders, there is no reason not to object. Yesterday, when the trading system was disrupted, shareholders sitting behind their monitors and waiting for the start of trading, wrote their protest on their pages in cyberspace. They asked the officials; So when are the problems that the lack of updating of the trading core for the market going to be solved ?!

One day, one of these users wrote in protest of the situation of the shareholders in the capital market: “One day we are, there is a core, there is no money. One day there is money, we are, not the core. “One day there is a core, there is money, but it is Friday!” Another user wrote sarcastically: “The core is apparently diesel. The air is cold, it starts late. البته Of course, it was after the end of the first half of the market that Ruhollah Dehghan, CEO of the Stock Exchange Technology Management Company, stated that the reason for the delay in starting trading was a power outage and not a problem with systems and cores.

Possibility of a new fall of the index?

At the same time, users were worried that the stock market was still in place, and even talked about the possibility of a new fall in the index. One of them wrote: “I am starting to worry about another drop. These stock market inflows have become too much. “I hope we do not enter a new period of decline again.”

Some users also pointed out the obstacles to the growth of the capital market and asked the legislators to think about these problems. One of these users wrote: “The stock exchange that has headlines, fluctuations, base volume, profitability, monopoly and obstruction of the formation of financial institutions and capital market activists, has no blessings, no culture, no omen.” The legislators asked, “That is, the 49 million shareholders of justice were not worth enough to allocate a clause to them in the draft amendment to the Securities Market Law?”

Another user described one of the stock market problems as follows: “Sometimes in state-owned listed companies, decisions are made that are not in the interest of the shareholder. “Including merging troubled financial institutions into a healthy bank or paying football debts out of the company’s pocket or selling the product at unrealistic prices.” He then asked the legislators; Why does the securities market law not provide a solution to these challenges?

What about the separation of the foreign exchange budget from the rial?

Ali Saadvandi, an economic expert, wrote about this: In the past two weeks, with the help of the national media, I spoke with two members of the budget commission. The pain is that even the separation of the foreign exchange budget from the rial did not seem to reach the esteemed representatives of the people.

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