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Meteorological Organization warns against the penetration of dust and reduced air quality

According to Moj News Agency, the Meteorological Organization issued an orange warning warning about the infiltration of dust and reduced air quality along with reducing the radius of view from Monday to Wednesday (May 5 to 7). These weather conditions on Monday in Khuzestan, Bushehr, Ilam And Kermanshah is expected on Tuesday in Khuzestan and Bushehr and on Wednesday in Khuzestan and Ilam, and will increase the air quality index, reduce visibility, disrupt traffic and damage to dust-sensitive industries.

To prevent possible injuries, the Meteorological Agency recommends avoiding outdoor presence for all groups, avoiding long-distance travel, and managing industrial maintenance.

Following this warning, the Meteorological Organization issued a yellow warning about the infiltration of dust and reduced air quality along with reduced visibility from Monday to Wednesday in some other provinces.

These weather conditions, which lead to reduced air quality, reduced visibility and the possibility of damage to dust-sensitive industries, are forecast for Monday in Lorestan, Kurdistan and the western half of Fars, Tuesday in Ilam and Kermanshah, and Wednesday in Bushehr and Lorestan.

In these circumstances, the Meteorological Agency recommends avoiding outdoor presence, especially for sensitive groups, avoiding outdoor sports and physical movements, and caution on long-distance travel.

The orange color warning of the Meteorological Organization predicts that weather phenomena will have negative effects and cause possible damage. The orange alert is issued to prepare the responsible devices to deal with a harmful phenomenon. The yellow alert means that atmospheric phenomena will occur that may interfere with travel and daily activities. This warning is issued to raise public awareness so that they can be prepared to deal with atmospheric phenomena that are slightly more severe than usual. Officials, on the other hand, are aware of these warnings so that they can take action if necessary.

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