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Minister of Welfare pursues to increase the salaries of minimum wage earners by 57% – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr correspondent, Yahya Ebrahimi, a member of the Health Commission, said: “As the representative of the noble people of Lorestan in the parliament, I have a special appreciation for Dr. Abdul Maleki’s good, continuous and jihadist pursuits in the cabinet to increase the minimum wage of Social Security retirees by 57%.”

A member of the Industries and Mines Commission also said in this regard: “The efforts of the Minister of Labor to increase the salaries of retirees were extraordinary.”

Seyyed Javad Hosseini Kia added: “The government’s action to increase the minimum wage of social security retirees by 57% was a unique step and to honor retirees in this situation.”

He added: the above effort Extraordinary The Minister of Labor was a valuable work in obtaining permission from the government for this action, and we MPs hope that the Ministry of Labor will be able to pay more attention to the situation of workers and retirees.

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