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More than 800 historical monuments of Ilam province are in the list of national monuments

Abdul Malik Shanbehzadeh in an interview with a reporter of Moj News Agency stated that he was registered in the meeting of the Supreme Council Effects National 7 historical monuments of Ilam province were registered in the list of national monuments of the country and stated: The existence of historical, natural and spiritual monuments in Ilam has made this province one of the most important regions of the country in the field of tourism.

The Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Ilam added: Chapavoli Hill, Nahalistan Hill, Kharabanan Cemetery, Turn 2 Hill, Darnok Cemetery, Barzeh Khoran and Job Asyab area are 7 historical monuments that have been registered in the list of national monuments of Ilam province. .

He pointed out that the purpose of registering these works is to create a legal framework for the protection of historical monuments, he specified: Also, the national registration of historical monuments provides the ground for exploring and finding different historical angles of monuments.

In the end, Shanbehzadeh said: Ilam province, with more than 800 historical monuments registered in the list of national monuments, is one of the richest provinces in terms of historical monuments and buildings, and the protection and preservation of these monuments is one of the duties of the General Directorate. This task is the responsibility of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Unit.


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