Moroccans support Palestine at Casablanca Stadium + video

According to Fars News Agency’s International Service, the fans of Al-Wadad Club of Morocco shouted “Palestine, Palestine” during the quarter-final match of the African Champions League in Casablanca and cheered for the unity of the country and the Palestinian people.

Al-Jazeera’s Twitter page reposted a video of the Moroccan fans cheering in Casablanca, which was greeted by a large number of users of the social network, and some wrote that the Moroccan people have already welcomed Al-Quds Day and addressed their political leaders. They have polluted their hands with the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime, they are shouting.

One user wrote in response to the video: “Palestine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are the subject of a nation and a proven fact that most Zionist politicians are aware of, but at the same time Arab politicians insist on ignoring it!
What has happened to you? “How do you judge?”

But another user encouraged the people of the Maghreb and all the compromising countries to revolt against their rulers and wrote sarcastically: “What is the use of this free slogan for the Palestinian cause? A free Arab committed to Arab and Islamic principles is one who chants slogans and revolts against his government, which compromises with the enemy, and overthrows it. “Start with the president or the king, not bow to him and kiss his hand.

Another user republished the video of Palestine’s applause, writing: “Do the compromisers have an ear? These are the people of the Maghreb.

Another user wrote: “Palestine is the main concern of the Arab nations, but the last concern is their rulers.”

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In December 2020, Morocco, with the support and insistence of the administration of former US President Donald Trump, normalized relations with the Zionist regime, and Trump, in turn, announced that he recognized the Moroccan rule in the Western Sahara.

Moroccan human rights activists and some political figures strongly condemned the decision, calling it immoral and a betrayal of the Palestinian cause.

“The justification for normalization on the subject of the Western Sahara is” unacceptable, “said Ahmed Ohman, head of the Moroccan watchdog against normalization.

Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Burita recently claimed bloody relations between his country and the Zionists during a recent meeting in the occupied territories, saying in a controversial statement: “Israelis are of Moroccan descent.”

“The Israeli claim that there is at least one Moroccan in each family is true,” the Moroccan foreign minister said. “If you say that maybe in every Israeli family there is the blood of a Moroccan, I would say that is true.”

Morocco is considered an ally of the United States in North Africa and has always played a role in US regional plans in the interests of the West and the Zionist regime. This is accompanied by strong opposition and protest from the people of this country, and they have always held numerous demonstrations and sit-ins, condemning the normalization of relations with Tel Aviv and declaring that they stand by the oppressed people of Palestine and their holy cause, and separate themselves from the compromising rulers.

Although the demonstrations and popular protests in Morocco have always been accompanied by violent clashes with the security forces of this country, but these people have never given up on the Palestinian cause and opposed the actions of their political leaders to normalize political, diplomatic, economic, cultural and … They are standing with the Zionists.

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