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Most banks’ ATMs were connected to the fishing system

According to the monetary news, quoting the public relations of the Central Bank, Ameneh Nadalizadeh, Deputy Head of Payment Systems of the Central Bank, said: In order to facilitate the access of compatriots to the fishing system, the Central Bank SMS infrastructure asked the banking network to equip their ATMs with Sayad system to enable the registration, verification, transfer and inquiry of checks through ATMs.

The executive spokesman of the new Czech law at the Central Bank regarding the banks whose ATMs are not connected to the Sayad system, said: “Currently, only the ATMs of the three Cooperative Development Banks, Entrepreneurs and Post Banks have not been connected to this system, which are about 4,000.” They have an ATM. New Economy and Agriculture Banks have also taken the most important technical measures in this field and will soon be ready to provide services in this field.

Referring to the statistics of using different methods to perform check operations, he said: According to studies, 75% of check registration, confirmation, transfer and inquiry transactions are done through Internet banks and mobile banks and the general popularity of these tools is very high. Also, 20% of check-in processes are done through payment applications and 5% of these operations are done through SMS system, ATMs and bank branches.

He emphasized that the end of June was the deadline for connecting banks’ ATMs to the Sayad system: مرکزی The Central Bank will continue to do so until all ATMs are connected to this system.

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