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MP: Instagram and WhatsApp will probably be filtered

06 July 1401 at 14:29

Announcing that the fate of the protection plan is unclear even for us, a member of parliament said that Instagram and WhatsApp will probably be filtered with the implementation of this plan.

Gholamreza Nouri, Deputy Chairman of the Article 44 Parliamentary Commission, said that about a month ago, during the review of the Transparency Plan, I asked for transparency in the meetings, opinions and votes of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, but my request was not granted and even after that. All the decisions of the Supreme Council protected cyberspace from any kind of litigation and complaints of individuals.

Possibility of filtering Instagram and WhatsApp

The Deputy Chairman of the Article 44 Parliamentary Commission continued his remarks by stating that the protection plan is at a stage where its fate is unknown even to us and it is not clear what will happen to it; Because there has been talk of transparency and accountability, but we hope they do not do this with the man. The MP stressed that with this plan, there will be a possibility of filtering all the most used cyberspace applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

Nouri further referred to the sending of the protection plan by the Speaker of the Majlis to the Supreme Council of Cyberspace and said that at that time the plan was withdrawn from the Article 85 Commission, many of whose members were selected in coordination and engineering to legalize protection. It was a good move, but then new decisions made the fate of the plan unclear; Because it is very difficult to amend the resolution of the parliament and only the Guardian Council can not approve this resolution.

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