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My Persian Warning of the growth of imports and the isolation of domestic production with the formation of the Ministry of Commerce

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, the issue of the government’s approval for the re-establishment of the Ministry of Commerce has recently become serious.

Meanwhile, the 13th government has agreed to the formation of the Ministry of Commerce, which was rejected by the parliament members despite the insistence of the then president.

The Ministry of Commerce was dissolved in 1390 and the duties of this ministry are to integrate production and trade management into two ministries silence and the agricultural jihad was left; The merger of this ministry into two ministries was done in order to streamline the administrative system of the government, reduce the size of the government and unify the management of the production and trade sectors of the country.

Contradiction of the plan to form the Ministry of Commerce with the upper laws and documents

An economic expert tells Fars about this: Strengthening and consolidating the government’s monitoring tools on the market, more effective price control, trade facilitation and foreign trade prosperity, unified policy making, agility in business affairs and more serious support for the consumer are among the main reasons for the 13th government’s agreement to form Ministry of Commerce has announced.

According to him, according to the opinion of most experts, the formation of the Ministry of Commerce in the current situation, regardless of the fact that it will increase the disharmony between the production and commercial sectors of the country and the loss of producers, due to the increase in government expenses and government structures, is contrary to Article 75 of the Constitution. And Article 28 of the Law of the Sixth Development Plan of the country.

The re-establishment of the Ministry of Commerce requires a new budget of 10 thousand billion tomans

According to the surveys conducted in 2010, when the necessary financial resources for the administration of the Ministry of Commerce were calculated in the budget law, about 91.2 billion Tomans were considered for this purpose. In the same year, the budget of the Ministry of Industries and Mines was equal to 440 billion Tomans.

But after the dissolution of the Ministry of Commerce in 1990 and its integration into the Ministry silenceThe financial resources of the new government ministry in 1392 changed to about 554 billion Tomans.

As a result, the budget required for the re-establishment of the Ministry of Commerce, taking into account the annual inflation of the last 11 years, the transfer of current forces and the recruitment of new forces, the formation of new organizational positions, the purchase and lease of new buildings for this ministry, the creation of provincial centers and other current expenses, is a large figure. It will be over 10 thousand billion tomans.

* The necessity of rejecting the plan to form the Ministry of Commerce due to the contradiction with the laws

Now the government has decided to reconstitute the Ministry of Commerce in a situation where the country is facing many financial restrictions.

Imposing such useless expenses that are against the laws and documents of the country and will cause the time of the Parliament and the government to be wasted at this critical moment is an irreparable act. This action of the government is contrary to Article 28 of the Law of the Sixth Development Plan and Clause 10 of the general policies of the country’s administrative system regarding the development of the structures, volume and size of the government.

For this reason, it is necessary for the government and parliamentarians to be fully alert to the political pressures of traders and importers to open the doors of imports and marginalize domestic production, and prevent the approval of such a plan.

According to Fars, the users of this media have registered a campaign titled “No to the revival of the Ministry of Commerce” in the Fars Man section, demanding that the commercial sector not be separated from the industry.

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