New initial public offering for specific individuals! / Shareholders protest the initial public offering

According to Tejarat News, starting from 1401, the stock exchange hosted various initial public offerings. But among these initial public offerings, three were allocated to mutual funds, which provoked protests from shareholders.

According to the latest OTC announcement, the shares of the French company Yazd with the symbol of Kaizd 1 will be listed on the OTC market on Wednesday, this week, June 4th.

On Wednesday, 343 million shares, which is equivalent to 10% of the company’s shares, with a price floor of 570 Tomans per share Initial release Be.

Sending the order will be possible only through trading stations (Namak). Also, 50% of the shares purchased on the day of the initial public offering by investors will not be available until 90 days after the public offering date.

Shareholders protest the initial public offering

Many shareholders relative to Initial supply Markets are protesting, saying that profitable initial public offerings go to the funds and that small, small offerings reach shareholders.

This is the third offering of investment funds since the beginning of the year. It seems that allocating the initial supply to the funds will reduce the level of public trust.

Users and stock exchange activists protested against this issue and wrote: “Only small initial offerings that do not exceed 10 tomans per person were supposed to be sent to the boxes!” “Not the biggest companies in Iran!”

“Any stock that, in terms of a valuable exchange, leads only to the funds, and only the funds have the right to participate in the initial public offering, not the people, that means discrimination.”

“Our money that went to the stock market, now we want to make a profit, the blood of the funds has become more colored”

“Whatever the case, our dear funds, we do not care, our loss should not be compensated.”

“Funds, get rich, tell me to buy the initial public offering”

In any case, it seems that by allocating the initial public offering to the funds, the people’s trust will decrease and the real liquidity in the stock market will decrease over time.

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