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100 billion rials credit was allocated to equip Ardabil art schools – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr reporter, Kalamullah صفری On Sunday morning, in front of reporters, stating that the naming of this year as “production, knowledge-based and employment-creating” entrepreneurship approach and knowledge-based production in the province’s vocational schools has been adopted, said: In order to develop quantitative and qualitative technical education, profession Oh you And for the upcoming academic year, 100 billion Rials of specialized educational equipment was allocated to vocational schools.

He referred to the skills training of 15 thousand 735 thousand students in the fields of industry, services and agriculture and art in technical vocational schools. Oh you The province added: “Young people can make the future of different production and service sectors of the province more active, and with this process, the educational and production activities of the province’s vocational schools will be developed.”

The Director General of Education of Ardabil Province stated: The development of skills training and vocational schools has a fundamental role in reducing social harms, reducing unemployment, increasing economic indicators and in the development of the province as a whole. The educational requirements required by the conservatory are a priority.

صفری Expressing the importance of skills training and training of specialized and skilled manpower to improve the quality of service and production centers, he continued: so far, in 6 stages, the equipment needed for vocational schools has been sent to the districts and regions of the province, and this until the beginning of the new academic year. Will continue.

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