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One sixth of the country’s tourism potential belongs to Bam

The director of Bam World Heritage Site, pointing out that one sixth of the country’s tourism capacity belongs to Bam, said: Most of the repair and reconstruction of the old citadel of Bam is done by the forces employed by this World Heritage Site and has been entrusted to contractors.

According to ISNA, Mohsen Ghasemi told reporters today, June 7, at the site of the old citadel of Bam: One sixth of the country’s tourism potential belongs to the city of Bam, which will become a threat if not used.

He continued: “In the Corona crisis, in 2 years, we had to use the 50% capacity of the forces of the Bam Citadel World Base, and with the reduction of the disease, it became in a better condition. We started to operate the tourism infrastructure.”
The director of Bam World Heritage Site and its cultural landscape said: “This historical monument, which has been on the agenda for 18 years since the restoration of this historical monument, more than 90% of the work is done safely, that is, by the personnel of this historical monument.”
Regarding the current year programs, he pointed out and added: “Nowruz of this year, the old citadel of Bam witnessed good events and we had a good start compared to other historical places and museums in the country.”
He referred to this year’s Nowruz and said: Bam was recognized as the top Nowruz among the cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz and Tehran, where the national Nowruz was held during Nowruz.
Ghasemi reminded: in order to do better cultural affairs in this world base, we put the cultural calendar on the agenda and we are obliged to implement one or two cultural programs in this historical monument every month.
He continued: “The previous government’s view was to renovate and renovate historical buildings, but the 13th government, in addition to restoring these buildings, also looks at the implementation of cultural programs and the introduction of work done.”
Referring to the work done during the week of cultural heritage, he said: On the first day of the week of cultural heritage, the Salam Commander program was performed with the presence of a large number of people.
According to him, the second phase of Sistani House, the second gate building and the opening of a library with the participation of the private sector in Bam Citadel were among the flagship works of the Cultural Heritage Week, which was held virtually with a credit of three billion and five hundred million Tomans.
He emphasized: The opening of the library in the place of Bam citadel was done with the participation of Mahmoud Tohidi, the author of Bam, by donating his books, and we also prepared the showcases and the space of the library.
Ghasemi said: these three projects (the second phase of Sistani House, the second gate and the establishment of the library) were among the 18 important projects in the country. In general, Kerman province had four projects, three of which belonged to Bam city.
The director of Bam World Heritage Site continued: Meeting with environmental supporters in Bam Citadel, teaching clay to children and holding a photo exhibition are among the tourism capacities of Bam, which is on the agenda of this world base.
He said: “We are consulting for a scientific meeting, specialized in the field of cultural heritage and climate, as well as holding a permanent photo exhibition in cooperation with the Young Cinema Association.”
According to Ghasemi, the main mission of this world base is to repair and renovate the old citadel of Bam, and the years 1401 and 1402 can be the golden years of the citadel of Bam.
He stated: “We have started many projects, including the restoration of 10 houses inside the old citadel of Bam, with the help of the private sector.”
He emphasized: the renovation of these houses is being done during 2 years with the help of the private sector, so that 70% of the capacity of the global base and the remaining 30% is done with the help of the private sector.
Ghasemi said: out of these 10 houses inside this historical building, five houses will be rehabilitated with tourism infrastructure so that tourists can stay for one night in the largest brick building in the world.
According to him, the ruling house, the house of the army commander and the house of the Jews have a large space and they can not prepare for the tourist stay and will be renovated only for visiting.
He said: the government stables are being restored and also the tower southeast of the stables, which is the tallest and most beautiful tower of the old citadel of Bam, with the efforts of our experts and masters, this tower will be completed by early October this year.
Referring to the Yakhodan workshop, which is one of the architectural masterpieces, Ghasemi said: “This project started for 2 years, but was closed for several months due to the master’s boredom, and now 80% of the refrigerator tank, which is the main dome, has physical progress, which will probably be completed by late September.” And close the roof of the workshop.
The director of Bam World Heritage Site, pointing out that the lighting of this historical monument is one of the biggest challenges of this world base, added: “Last year, we received a credit of 1 billion and 800 million Tomans in the form of treasury documents, but unfortunately treasury documents are usually 50%.” It turns into money.
He continued: During Nowruz, some lighting was done by installing projectors on the south and west sides of the citadel.
He specified: The lighting and full lighting of the citadel will cost about 10 billion tomans, and part of this credit should be provided to us annually by the Ministry of Heritage.
Ghasemi continued: The lighting of the old citadel should be well designed so that the citadel has a beautiful appearance from outside the city.
Pointing out that this historical monument is the largest brick building in the world, he said: “It is not an expert to keep the old citadel open during the day and for tourists to visit, because we should look at the old citadel as a museum and treat it with sensitivity.”
According to him, the old citadel of Bam is a large complex that does not have much manpower and the constant presence of tourists in this monument, destroys this important heritage.
The director of the Bam World Heritage Site pointed out: “Since July of last year, he has not received any income other than the rights of this World Heritage Site, and no credit has been provided for it.”
He also explained about the salaries of the workers of the old citadel of Bam: in the last 2 years, the workers’ salaries have been paid regularly and next week the salaries of the workers of the last 2 months of this historical monument will be paid.
According to Ghasemi, one of the most important good things is that Bam Citadel is out of the construction category and a credit line has been considered for it. Also, the status of personnel contracts has improved and payments are made on a monthly basis.
He stated: The base of the old citadel of Bam covers the texture of 23,000 hectares and also the citadel of the old citadel of Bam has the largest brick repair workshop in the country, one-seventh of the country’s forces belong to the Bam world base, so that currently 120 troops in the base Bam World are active.

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