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Pasargad Insurance was at the highest level of financial wealth

According to Monetary Financial News, Pasargad Insurance Company was at the level of a financial wealth for consecutive years. According to the evaluation of financial statements approved in 1400 by the Central Insurance of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Pasargad Insurance Company has achieved a level of financial wealth of insurance companies with a wealth ratio of 304%.

According to the reports received, in implementation of Article 6 of the By-Laws on how to calculate and monitor the financial wealth of insurance companies (No. 69) and according to the review and control, based on the latest financial statements of 1400 and after making adjustments, the financial wealth ratio of this The company for 1401, equivalent to 304% (level one), has been approved by the Central Insurance of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It is worth mentioning that Pasargad Insurance Company has managed to maintain the level of its financial wealth in the insurance industry since the implementation of Regulation No. 69 of the Supreme Insurance Council, while Pasargad Insurance has been able to manage resources and capital increase programs with proper management. Grow your financial wealth. This ratio indicates the amount of financial strength of the company in relation to its obligations.

It should be noted that the financial wealth ratio of this company for 1399 is equal to 334%, in 1398 is equal to 219%, in 1397 is equal to 157%, in 1396 is equal to 122%, in 1395 is equal to 129%, in 1394 is equal to 118%, in 1393 Is equal to 115 percent and this ratio is set at 105 percent for 1392. The wealth levels of Pasargad Insurance in recent years show that this insurance company, with a wealth of 304% and considering the high risk margin, has been able to maintain its financial wealth at the desired level.

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