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Pension funds should not do business and go to share ownership – Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr reporter, Mohammad Reza Purabrahimi In today’s public meeting (Tuesday, January 20th), the Islamic Council of Ministers, during the review of pension fund challenges, said: reforms should be made in the field of economic decisions in the subgroups of social security and pension fund companies. A large part of the resources of these funds need to be invested for various reasons in order to fulfill their long-term obligations.

He stated: The studies show that the rate of return on investment in large investment groups made by these funds is very low, so that one-third of the rate of return is not even without risk in the country’s economy.

Purabrahimi He emphasized: The main model in economic decisions is to separate from entrepreneurship and move towards the ownership of these funds, which is the key to the important decisions of the economic enterprise administration in the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. Of course, there is strong resistance in this collection regarding decisions. Parametric reform of pension funds is one of the important topics of the 7th Development Plan.

The Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Islamic Council said: “Recently, due to an unprofessional and illegal decision, the pension fund of state copper employees has been announced in this load A meeting was held in the Economic Commission, and the Deputy of Parliament Laws presented a report. Also, the judicial system and Diwan were also included. Currently, the case is in the implementation committee and at the same time it is being processed by the government.

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