Planning of the municipality for the arrival of 6000 buses in the capital

According to Fars report, this morning Chamran, the head of the Tehran City Council, along with Mohammad Akhundi, Meisham Mozafar and Ahmed Sadeghi, members of the Program and Budget Commission of the Tehran City Council, held a meeting in the bus organization in the form of a plan. At the beginning of this meeting, Mohammad Akhundi The head of the Program and Budget Commission of Tehran City Council stated: 100% allocations have been made for the field of public transportation.

The Ministry of Interior must fulfill its obligations

Meisham Mozafar, a member of the Program and Budget Commission of Tehran City Council, also pointed to the planning of Tehran City Council in connection with the field of transportation this year and said: This year, the realization of 2,000 buses is foreseen in the budget.

He continued: Based on this, about one thousand billion has been predicted in the budget. In addition, if the budget is realized from the considered figure, this figure should be used in the purchase of the bus.

A member of the Program and Budget Commission of Tehran City Council added: Apart from the items that are considered in the budget for the purchase of new buses, we hope that the government will also cooperate in this field.

A member of the Tehran City Council emphasized: According to the announcement of the Tehran Bus Company, the contract for 460 buses has been concluded so far.

The member of the Program and Budget Commission of Tehran City Council continued: The Ministry of Interior must fulfill its obligations and we must use the capacity of imported and foreign buses from the Ministry of Interior.

He said: Also, in this year’s budget of Tehran Municipality, the purchase of 50 three-cabin buses worth one thousand billion Tomans, 50 electric buses worth 135 billion Tomans, and the overhaul of 540 buses have been emphasized.

Mozafar expressed hope that Tehran City Council and Municipality will achieve their goals this year.

Planning of the municipality for the arrival of 6000 buses in the capital

Jalal Bahrami; The deputy of transportation and traffic of Tehran Municipality also stated in this meeting: All actions in this deputy are set based on the municipal budget.

Referring to the 5-year planning for new buses to enter Tehran, he said: More than 6,000 buses are planned to enter the city.

The approach of urban management is aimed at the development of public transportation

In addition, Alireza Javed, the head of the board of directors of the bus unit company, noted: 40 to 45 percent of the budget of this year’s city management has been specialized in the field of public transportation, which was unprecedented. I hope that this approach will continue in the next years and will cause a special change in transportation institutions.

He added: “I am proud that I have the opportunity to be in the Deputy of Transportation and Traffic and, God willing, we can take an important step in the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the bus company with the support of the city council.”

Mehdi Chamran, head of Tehran city council, also expressed that we hope that the bus unit company with its youth force and coordination with the traffic deputy will make good moves, and said: The promise we made to the people is to add at least 3 thousand buses to the city of Tehran.

The head of Tehran City Council said: Since 2006 or 2007, when we had a meeting with the president in October to provide 1,000 buses, no buses have been added to the fleet by the government since then until the 13th government. The previous government had no interest or effort to provide buses.

Reduction of 3,200 buses in Tehran in the fifth period of urban management

Stating that the day we handed over the council, we had about 5,000 buses, and the day we took over, we had 1,800 buses by force, and said: “Now it has reached about 2,000 buses.” Tehran should have 9 thousand buses. It was predicted that Tehran will have nearly 11,000 buses in the horizon of 1404.

The chairman of the 6th city council noted: We must use both imports and domestic capacity to provide buses.

He said: God willing, the Ministry of Interior will fulfill its promises in this area. The budget of the 12th must be implemented, because the car manufacturers say, give us money so that we can deliver buses to you in 14 months, and we have to work for war and jihad.

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