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Popular screening “without prior appointment” | Behrouz Shoaib: Master Ali Nasirian is the emperor of the performing arts

According to Fars News Agency, the second public screening of the movie “No Appointment” was held last night, July 1, in the presence of Professor Ali Nasirian, director Behrouz Shoaib, actors Elham Korda and Amin Miri, and producer Mahmoud Babaei at the Mellat Gallery Cinema Campus.
Before the screening of the film, Elham Korda said in a short speech: “I appreciate all of you dear ones who have chosen to watch the film without prior appointment, and it is very valuable to me that you come to the cinema in these difficult circumstances and events of these days, and You keep the lights on, I and the actors of the film love this work, I hope you enjoy watching this film and if you like it, recommend it to your friends.
Actor Amin Miri also said: “I am very happy to be with you tonight and it makes me proud that Master Nasirian is going to watch the film without a previous appointment.” I personally like this film very much and I am happy to be in this project with Mr. Shoaib and Babaei. I hope that this film will be satisfactory both for you, dear audience, and for my dear teacher, Mr. Nasirian.
Mahmoud Babaei, the producer of the film, continued to express his happiness at the presence of Professor Ali Nasirian and the families of the autistic children in the hall, and said that he was proud to be at your service tonight.
Behrouz Shoaib, the director of “No Appointment”, also said: “I greet Professor Ali Nasirian, who is proud and has come here to watch the film without an appointment.” Today, we have great people in every field who are considered emperors of that field, and in my opinion, Master Ali Nasirian is the emperor of the performing arts. His presence to watch the film “No Appointment” is the greatest honor I have received over the years.
He added: “We fall in love with cinema with our elders. These days, a film starring Master Ali Nasirian is being screened in cinemas, which was directed by my great and esteemed master Mr. Dariush Mehrjoui. We are interested in cinema.
In the end, Shoaib said: I suggest to all of you dear ones to watch the movie “Laminor” directed by Dariush Mehrjoui and starring Master Ali Nasirian in cinemas. Today is the birthday of my dear teacher Mr. Abbas Kiarostami, we cherish his memory and I hope God protects all the great ones.
Also, after watching the film, Ali Nasirian praised Behrouz Shoaib and the actors of the film and said: “The film is a cinema without a prior appointment.” This film depicts the story of a human feeling.
He added: “One of the strengths of the film is the treatment of autism in this work and how beautifully it narrates the life of an autistic child, which shows the high creativity of the director, because in this film, people are real themselves.” Are shown.
The veteran actor of cinema and theater pointed out in the end: without prior appointment, he is very influential in the category of films because he has been able to make people feel. I expect great things from Mr. Shoaib because I have seen his high ability to produce a good and effective film because without an appointment.
Before the start of the movie, the new poster of the movie “No Priority” with a design by Mohammad Ruholamin was unveiled by Ali Nasirian.
The film “No Prior Appointment” directed by Behrouz Shoaib and produced by Mahmoud Babaei is a product of the Farabi Cinema Foundation with the participation of the City Image Institute, which has been released to the public in cinemas across the country since June 9th.

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