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Presence of the Minister of Justice and the head of the Welfare Organization in the Working Children Center and Besat Street

According to the Welfare and Social Injuries Group of Fars News Agency, the guests of Besat Center, after visiting different parts and having a cordial conversation with the children, held a meeting to discuss the issues and problems of the center and working and street children.

Among the main issues discussed in this meeting and solutions and interactions were discussed about them can be reunited children to the family, transfer of eligible children to adoption and transfer to quasi-family centers, interaction with judicial authorities and courts. He noted the unity of procedure in relation to the issue of pursuing judicial work and child support and the issue of temporary child custody.

Continuing the meeting, the Minister of Justice, appreciating the efforts made for orphaned children, said: “If the Islamic system, benefactors and sympathizers are indifferent to these children and do not pay enough attention, they will definitely face more problems, anomalies and social harms in the future.” we face.

Rahimi added: “Although these centers are not like a warm home for orphaned children, as soon as a child or adolescent feels that he / she has a shelter and the officials of the country and society are not indifferent to him / her, part of his / her emotional void will be filled.” It is decisive in his destiny and future.

In the end, the Minister of Justice, appreciating the efforts of the welfare management of Rey city, the head and staff of these centers, said: “It is a very valuable act of worship and action that you dear ones are the pioneers of service in these centers and public welfare areas.”

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I have to say; After the meeting and the call to prayer, the visitors were the guests of the Iftar dinner of the children living in the Besat Center after the Maghrib congregational prayers and supper, and gifts were given to the children of the center.

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