Privatization organization warns of a new way of extorting people – Tejaratnews

In an announcement regarding the new method of extorting people, the Privatization Organization emphasized the need for the public to be aware of the criminal actions of fraudsters through SMS or social networks, and declared any call for registration or payment of equity dividends as fake and illegal.

According to Tejarat News, due to the publication of some false news by some people for the purposes of fraud and the new way of extorting people through publishing on virtual networks or text messages and sending links to fake websites attributed to the name of the privatization organization with different identifiers regarding The issue of equity shares is to inform all dear compatriots and members of the media, any transfer of equity shares after the approval of the stock portfolio in the cabinet and the approval of the transfer mechanism, including determining the priorities of the beneficiaries; In the Supreme Council, the general policies of Article (44) of the Constitution will be implemented. The latest decisions in this regard will be notified through the organization’s website at

Also, the notification regarding the time and method of depositing equity dividends will be done only through the website of the Central Depository of Securities and Funds Settlement at and the website of the Privatization Organization at It is obvious that any call to the people to register for receiving equity shares or depositing equity dividends is fake and illegal except for the above reasons, and this organization will follow up through the judicial authorities and FATA police if any possible abuse is observed. .

Source: Senate

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