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Production of “carbon fiber fabrics impregnated with resin”

According to Fars News Agency, Meysam Mataji, the inventor of carbon fiber fabrics impregnated with resin, said: “For the first time in Iran, we decided to make carbon fiber fabric impregnated with resin by a group of young inventors in our country, in order to meet the needs of society in the field of health. Produce numerous fields of rehabilitation and drone industries, aerospace industries, automotive industries and in general in the industries in which lightening plays a role.

Mataji, who is a doctoral student in ergonomics at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, added: “While working on a project, we needed a material that we realized, despite the country’s needs, is imported and not produced in Iran, and that was what we decided.” Let us produce this product in our own country.

The inventor of resin-impregnated carbon fiber fabrics stated: “Due to the various applications of this product, we used the advice of the Medical Equipment Technology Development Center and the rehabilitation of rehabilitation sciences and social health to study, conduct various studies and numerous experiments.”

“Currently, imported products with higher prices, high emissions, lack of ease of access and use, more weight that puts pressure on the able-bodied person are available in the market, but this is while Benefiting from carbon fiber fabrics impregnated with Iranian resin and produced by Iranian engineers, very light, easy to use, easy to maintain small refrigerators with the ability to cut as desired and without emitting toxic gases, which we hope to see support The material and spiritual benefits of government institutions, various industries and the field of health, are Iranian products produced by young researchers and technologists in the country.

This young inventor continues to face the ups and downs of technologists and inventors such as lack of financial resources, in the process of doing work, complex bureaucracy, the relationship between science and technology and the relationship between industry, medicine and academia in high schools and universities, the relationship Inventor, university and market pointed out.

He also said that universities should move towards the production of indigenous science and create new concerns in universities that will meet the needs of society and promote a knowledge-based economy.

He described this invention as the result of the teamwork of Alireza Sattari, a graduate of industrial design, and Mohammad Mehdi Rasouli, a graduate student of industrial design.

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