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Recognize the most common eye diseases

According to Fars News Agency Health Group, Ali Tabatabai, Scientific Secretary of the 31st Congress of the Iranian Ophthalmological Association on the eve of the 31st Congress of the Iranian Ophthalmological Association, said: One of the common cases of eye diseases is that people complain of burning and body sensation Foreigners refer to the eye, which is due to the change of tears, thickening of the tears and its reduction, or in other words, dry eyes.

“We use artificial tear drops and ointments suitable for dry eyes,” he said.

Tabatabai continued: “Itching and redness with burning and to some extent the feeling of a foreign body is due to allergies and sensitivities. The spring type is due to the release of pollen from flowers or plant materials and lasts from late March to early summer and is recommended for people.” Do not come into contact with allergens and use appropriate glasses, and anti-allergy drops and ointments are also recommended.

He added: “Another type of reaction is to allergens in the air, which is observed more or less in all seasons.”

Tabatabai said: “Another common case is low vision in children, adolescents and young people, which is mainly due to poor eyesight, which can be corrected by prescribing glasses and contact lenses and in LASIK and LASIK conditions.”

“Traumatic eye injuries and trauma are the causes of reduced vision and prevention is very important,” he said. And causes the entry of a foreign object, especially metal, into the eye and leads to irreparable damage.

Tabatabai further referred to the holding of the 31st Annual Ophthalmology Congress of Iran and added: “This congress is to be held in October 1400 with the aim of improving the scientific and practical level of ophthalmologists and presenting new advances in ophthalmology.”

He said: “What is certain is that the solidarity and friendship between domestic and foreign ophthalmologists has led to scientific trade and upgrading the scientific level of ophthalmologists in the country and has led to better services to patients and the introduction of ophthalmology to the world and more pride to the country.” Is.

Tabatabai named the target groups in this congress as ophthalmologists, ophthalmology residents, fellowships, optometrists, interns and medical students and added: the topics discussed in this congress include corneal diseases and surgeries, common cataract surgery. , Intraocular lenses, refractive errors and…,.

The Scientific Secretary of the 31st Iranian Ophthalmological Congress stated: Other topics discussed in this congress are prevention and treatment of the effect of diabetes on the eye, prevention and treatment of retinal vascular obstruction, retinal diseases and surgeries, treatment of orbit and eyeball inflammations, eyelid surgery Tumors, eye pressure, prevention and diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, as well as hereditary and genetic factors are discussed.

He continued: “Inflammation of the eye (uveitis), which is generally less noticed and causes damage to the eye, strabismus, diagnosis and treatment of ocular aberrations (neurophthalmology) in children and diagnosis and treatment of ocular nerve are other important issues discussed in This will be Congress.

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