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Relief Committee Supports 3400 Elite and Talented Students – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the information base of the Relief Committee, Hojjatoleslam Ali Jafari, in honor of 13 Aban, Student Day, said: About 700,000 students in need of the country enjoy the services and support of the Relief Committee.

He added: out of this number, 352 thousand people in the first and second elementary schools and 348 thousand people in مقاطع They are studying in the first and second secondary schools.

The Deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs of the Relief Committee paid for the services of this institution for needy students and continued: providing clothing and stationery, paying scholarships to elite and gifted students, providing entrance exam success services and paying tuition fees for surviving or leaving students. Education is one of the most important services of the Relief Committee for supported students.

He presented about 45 thousand Tablet Informed the supported students in order to benefit from the virtual educational services and emphasized: out of this number, three thousand Tablet It was awarded to mining students.

Jafari referred to other services of the Relief Committee for 18,000 supported mining students and said: “Using the services of teaching aid, counseling and holding pilot exams with the cooperation of reputable institutions, eight students under the support of the Relief Committee succeeded in obtaining ranks below 100 and 144.” The person has obtained the rank below one thousand national entrance exams and has gone to the first level universities of the country Way Found.

The Deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs of the Relief Committee pointed out: For the 1401 entrance exam, 28,000 supported students have been identified, and educational assistance programs have been designed and started for their success in the entrance exam.

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He announced the identification of 6,000 academic elites in the target community of the Relief Committee and added: “Of these, 3390 are students, of which 2013 are girls and 1377 are boys.”

The Deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs of the Relief Committee, referring to talent identification and guiding students to participate in the Talented Schools Exam, noted: Based on Understanding with the Ministry of Education, the education of sponsored students in gifted schools is free.


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