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Representative of Bushehr: The era of American rule in the region is over

According to IRNA, Abdul Karim Jumiri on Thursday at the commemoration ceremony of 13 Aban in Kharg Island added: “Today, the United States has reached a point where it is committing piracy and this is due to their arrogant and profiteering temperament that can counter this holy system and powerful people.” Does not have.

He stated: The Rashid soldiers of Islamic Iran failed in the Oman Sea with the powerful presence of the United States.

Jamiri continued: “Islamic Iran is no longer worried about American power and is not afraid of them because it has stood against them in the holy defense with the least military equipment and weapons.”

He stressed: “Islamic Iran is now an undisputed power in the region and the United States will never be able to confront this power and will inevitably commit piracy.”

Jumiri reminded: “Resistant people like the inhabitants of Kharg Island humiliated the hegemony and greatness of the enemy and led to the authority of Islamic Iran with their firm belief in the path of Islam and trust in the soldiers of Islam.”

He added: “Today, the people of Iran achieve this with the hope of the future and the collapse of the powers, and it is the Americans who must taste the taste of humiliation and the people of the world will witness their decline.”

“Americans everywhere in the region, such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, have been forced to retreat in humiliation,” he said.

In another part of his speech, Jamiri stated: November 4th is the day of struggle against global arrogance and the serious confrontation of the people of Islamic Iran with the criminal United States and evokes valuable memories of Iranian authority.

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He added: “At one point, the criminal American puppets and puppets in this land did not allow our people to breathe and took all the reserves of Iran and humiliated the people, but these people made a revolution to confront the oppressors.”

He said: “With the Islamic Revolution, not only the people of Iran, but also the oppressed of the world were saved from these criminals against humanity.”

Jamiri said: “One day, the students following the line of the Imam captured the American spy house, and the documents obtained from this spy house revealed what crimes they committed against these people.”

He added: “This student movement was approved by our anti-arrogant Imam and the second revolution was registered and the American, who was stumbling in the region with his arrogant temperament, reached a point where the people of the world witnessed its decline and from that arrogant position to humiliation.”

“The Americans did not give up any crime to achieve their own interests, and they started wars in more than 60 countries and seriously harmed the people, and this crime is still going on,” Jumiri said.

He continued: “With the movement of the dear Imam and the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, the Americans brought to the fore everything they had in the political, military and media arenas, and not only did they not succeed, but the greatness of these great people increased in the eyes of the world.”

“Their every move could overthrow a revolution and a country, but these people are standing stronger today than ever before in front of the criminal United States,” Jumiri added.

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He said: “The Americans also used ISIS to divide and divide the Islamic Ummah, but with the efforts and jihad of General Soleimani, they failed to the extent that none of their conspiracies could force these people to retreat.”


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