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According to Tejarat News, the details of Shahin’s supply in the commodity exchange were announced.

Next week, 4,000 Sahin Sefid machines belonging to Saipa Company will go on the trading board on Sunday, December 18th, and 500 Kara Dokabin machines belonging to Bahman Motor will go on the trading board on Tuesday, December 20th.

Saipa Shahin will be offered at a base price of 304 million tomans and the prepayment percentage of this car is 100%. The delivery date has been announced on April 30, 1402.

Bahman Motor also offers Kara double cabin at a base price of 301,500,000 Tomans and the prepayment percentage is 10%. The delivery date of this car is 14 March 1401.

It is stated in Shahin’s supply specifications: Any national code over 18 years old is allowed to register a vehicle, and the place of delivery of the vehicle is the company’s sales agents, chosen by the customer. Buyers are required to pay 12% tax and legal fees, as well as the amount of 4 million 371 thousand 306 tomans for each food, including 3 million 813 thousand 747 tomans for third party insurance, 557 thousand 560 tomans for services related to service no. and a license plate, and an invitation to complete the payment of the mentioned amounts is issued to the customer.

Each national code is allowed to place an order on one of the offered codes on the date of release, and those who have succeeded in buying cars in the previous offers in the commodity exchange and also from the beginning of 2019 from automobile companies will not be able to place an order and choose a representative. The delivery of the receiver is provided for the customer at the payment completion stage.

It is also stated in Kara Dukabin’s supply specifications: There is no limit to the number of requests for natural and legal persons in order registration. The document and numbering of the car will be issued only in the name of the buyer and the color is white and the model is Khordo 1401. In order to complete the purchase process, buyers must cooperate with us by settling the principal amount of the transaction in the stock exchange and within the prescribed period specified in the supplementary supply announcement and within 7 calendar days at the latest by referring to their profile and in this way, pay the side charges and choose the agency. Take the desired action.

Additional costs include 9% value added tax based on the final sale price and other costs totaling 8,760,000 Tomans, including 4,760,000 Tomans for the cost of smartening the car card, 50,000 Tomans for the cost of postal services, 280,000 Tomans One thousand tomans for the cost of license plate production and numbering, 3 million 626 thousand 528 tomans is the cost of third party insurance.

Source: ISNA

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