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Scattered rain in the northern strip of the country

According to Moj News Agency, in the next five days, a clear cloudy and stable atmosphere will prevail in most parts of the country. Today in the northern part of the country in the provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran, Golestan, North Khorasan and some parts of the provinces of West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan and Ardabil Strong wind Temporary, Scattered rain It is sometimes predicted with lightning.

Scattered rain is expected in some areas of Mazandaran, Golestan and North Khorasan on Sunday.

Also during the day in the heights of Hormozgan province and from Sunday to Wednesday in the heights of Hormozgan provinces, south of Sistan and Baluchestan and south of Kerman in the afternoon cloud growth, sometimes with scattered rain and sometimes with lightning and wind is forecast.

Scattered rain is also forecast for the northern part of the country on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Caspian Sea is rough for the next two days.


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