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Screening of cultural and commercial structures in Tehran with the theme of World Quds Day

According to Fars News Agency’s urban group, Reza Sayadi stated about the screening of cultural and commercial structures on the eve of Quds Day: This Ramadan, a campaign with the theme “In the hope of God” was considered in the process of cultural screenings. The title was one of the most important issues.

He continued: “Considering that we are on the eve of Al-Quds Day, this campaign will deal more broadly with the themes of this holy and important day, so various plans with texts such as” In the hope of God, we will liberate Al-Quds “and” In the hope of God, celebrate victory “We will take it,” he said.

The CEO of Tehran City Beautification Organization emphasized: Due to the prominent role of famous figures such as the great martyr Haj Qasem Soleimani in the process of fighting arrogance and oppression, part of the design is dedicated to the images of these important cultural figures.

Sayadi stressed the importance of Al-Quds Day and said: “Al-Quds Day is an important symbol for all Muslims in the world in the field of anti-arrogance, which has been seriously emphasized since the beginning of the glorious Islamic Revolution, so we did our best to achieve this.” Cover the important event in the field of urban screening in a glorious way.

He announced the nationwide coverage of all march areas with the International Quds Day scan and said: “On this day, all commercial and cultural structures belonging to the beautification organization and the areas that are on the route of the Quds Day march will be covered.” Screening of other projects in other 22 areas of the city will be done according to the importance of those sections and we will have a nationwide coverage.

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