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Secretary Trump’s call for continued war in Ukraine and US support for Kiev

“Pompeo called for continued US support for Ukraine against Russia,” Kissinger was quoted as saying by IRNA on Sunday, saying that Kissinger was wrong and that the United States should support Ukraine, not He pressured Kiev to negotiate with Russia.

Trump’s Secretary of State Pompeo objected to remarks by his decades-old counterpart, Henry Kissinger, about a return to the status quo, Ukraine’s peace talks with Russia, Fox News reported.

“Ukraine is a free and independent country. Ukraine should not be pressured by its partners and allies. It is under siege and its people are suffering. They need our support (the West, led by the United States),” Pompeo told Fox News. .

Earlier, Kissinger said at the Davos Economic Summit in Switzerland; “Ideally, the split line should return to its previous state”; Which many interpreted as a division of territory before the Russian invasion.

Fox News wrote: Pompeo spoke at a meeting with Jews yesterday (Saturday, June 28, 1401) and opposed the assessment, adding, “Dr. Kissinger was wrong about this.”

The report adds that the Trump administration’s secretary of state stressed that any negotiations to satisfy Russia would make Vladimir Putin bolder with future ambitions.

So his report to the meeting told Fox News that the United States needed to support Ukraine.

Pompeo told Fox News: “Ukraine must have all the tools and factors to coordinate its military power, (why) that is crucial in this war. This ability supports Ukraine’s future as an independent state, which is based on Borders are sovereign, as will the future stability of Europe and world markets.

Pompeo denied the presence of US troops on Ukrainian soil “for now”

Pompeo, who did not mention any peaceful solution to the Ukraine war, said: “This is what we have to help Ukraine achieve, we have to work with our NATO allies to find that Ukraine must meet all its needs to save the precious lives of human beings, and this must be done with our help and without the (sending) of American troops.

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