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The price of coins and gold decreased

According to the Iran Economist, the price of each coin of the new design reached 15 million and 550 thousand tomans at 13:40 today with a reduction of 30 thousand tomans compared to the same time yesterday.

The old Azadi spring coin was traded at a price of 14 million and 400 thousand tomans.

Also today, a half coin was priced at eight million and 500 thousand Tomans, a quarter coin was priced at five million and 500 thousand Tomans and a one gram coin was priced at three million and 150 thousand Tomans.

In addition, in the gold market, the price per gram of 18-carat gold reached one million and 432 thousand tomans and the price of each ounce of gold was 6 million and 205 thousand tomans.

The global ounce price of gold also reached $ 1,840 today.

The price of coins and gold decreased

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