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Serving the people should be done sincerely / Quran is the main document of the necessity of hijab – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr correspondent, Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Abolhassan Fatemi stated in the Friday prayer sermons of Shahrekord: The police force has recently achieved success in arresting thieves, whose efforts in this area are commendable.

He said that making the patient happy, protecting the weak, disabled and helpless people is one of the best things that is one of the intrinsic duties of the welfare organization, he said: people should always have motivation and intention in the field of serving people and do not allow this to become important Become an everyday.

The interim Friday Imam of Shahrekord, pointing out that serving the people should be done with sincerity, clarified: Hijab and chastity is one of the important issues of society that some people claim that this is not important in Islam.

Hojjatoleslam Fatemi considered the verses of the Qur’an as the main document of the necessity of hijab for human beings and proposed: In two verses of the Qur’an, hijab is mentioned.

Saying that in the verses of Surah Noor, God has advised women to wear hijab, he said: In Surah Al-Ahzab, God refers to “Jalabab” and says to the Holy Prophet (PBUH): “Tell them to lower their covers.”

The interim Friday Imam of Shahrekord, pointing out that “Jalbab” is the same as the chador and the head, announced: The cover of the chador and the head is different in different nations and is different from each other.

He stated that many evils occur when the veil is disregarded: not all people without hijab are definitely not believers, but these people are more exposed to sin than people with hijab.

Hojjatoleslam Fatemi stated: Families should teach their children the issue of hijab and chastity above all.

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