Shareholders’ dividend payment reached 735 billion tomans – Tejaratnews

According to Tejarat News, the information published by the Central Depository Company regarding the details of the deposit of shareholders’ dividends in the third week of September of this year indicates that 30 issuers of current and annual profits of 3 million 213 thousand 634 shareholders, which includes 735 billion And they deposited 36 million tomans.

Details of current profit deposit of 23 companies

In the third week of September of this year, 23 companies have deposited 3 million 174 thousand 652 shareholders, which includes 661 billion 502 million Tomans, through Samat.

Annual dividend deposit statistics of 7 companies

In the third week of Shahrivar of this month, 7 publishers paid current dividends of 38,982 shareholders, including 73 billion and 533 million Tomans, to their shareholders’ accounts.

What is the SJAM system?

Sejam is an infrastructure system to identify customers to enter the big club of Iran’s capital market, where all the participants of this market, including “investors, customers and managers of institutions”, will register their information in this system only once and forever. After face-to-face authentication, they will be able to receive services based on verified data.

According to this report, through this system, identity information, account number, mobile number, electronic address and permanent residence of a person are registered and from then on, no financial institution needs to receive the information of that shareholder again.

Shareholders can register and authenticate Sejam electronically by visiting

Benefits of getting married

It should be noted that “getting a transaction code to enter the capital market, receiving current profits, annuities and equity dividends, the possibility of entering the portal of capital market beneficiaries and using its services, including the electronic service desk, viewing and reporting assets, receiving share certificates, list of assemblies and holding meetings in electronic form, reports of paid dividends, history of equity dividends and reports of unused pre-emptive rights” are among the special benefits of registration and authentication in the Sejam system.

Source: Samat

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