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Show “Wave of Destiny” on World Refugee Day – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

On the occasion of the International Day of Refugees on June 20, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) hosted a ceremony attended by ambassadors, diplomats and political representatives residing in Iran today, June 20, at 6 pm at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. It is held in Tehran.

The documentary “Wave of Destiny” by Amir Hoshang Danai, which is a review of the 80th anniversary of the arrival of Polish immigrants to Iran during World War II, is scheduled to be screened at the event.

2022 marks the 80th anniversary of the arrival of Polish immigrants to Iran during World War II, which is hosted by the Polish government in several countries.

Also, a specialized meeting was held by the Center for Advanced International Studies of the Faculty of Law and Political Science, University of Tehran, at the House of Humanities Scholars with the participation of experts on European and Polish issues.

At the beginning of this specialized meeting, Amir Houshang Danaei, the director of the film, said in a speech: “My acquaintance from Poland goes back to my three-year presence in this country. I did.

Danaei informed about the forty days of production from the beginning to the end of its technical stages and said: “The documentary” Wave of Destiny “was filmed on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the arrival of Polish immigrants in Iran and at the same time with the Polish Foreign Minister’s visit to participate in this ceremony. .

The journalist and documentary filmmaker continued: The documentary “Wave of Destiny” was made in 30 minutes with the aim of acquainting the young generation of Iran with one of the most important historical events in the country, and even the new generation of Poland was not familiar with it. The film was dubbed into Polish and shown on Polish television.

Danaei said that the importance and breadth of the issue of Poles immigrating to Iran with a short time and lack of access to various sources and archives caused a limited perspective on this issue in his film and said: This film was produced with limited facilities and to show Giving the presence of Poles in Iran I had to travel to many parts of Iran, which was not possible with the low time and budget of this film.

After the screening of the documentary “Wave of Destiny” for the participants in the meeting, the panel reviewed the 80th anniversary of the arrival of Poles in Iran with the presence of Ramin Mehmanparast, former Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Poland, Wicheck Onlett And an interpreter was held.

Ramin Mehmanparast, the former ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Poland, said in a speech: “Iran was involved in occupation, typhus and famine during the Second World War and received 120,000 Poles, but never and no one at that time absolutely He did not think about how to receive these people with all these problems, and more importantly, there was never a discussion about being neither religion nor culture, etc., and only humanitarian aid to these sufferers was the goal.

Alireza Dolatshahi, a Polish scholar and translator, was another speaker at the panel. The Soviet Union arrested and deported Poles to the Gulak concentration camp, and Nazi Germany arrested and deported Poles as military workers.

In his speech, the Minister of the Polish Embassy in Iran, Wiech ل Onlet, also declared Iran as the crossing point of General Anders’s Liberation Army and mentioned the warm hospitality of the Iranians to the Poles as one of the most important points in the relations between Iran and Poland.

At the ceremony, the children of Polish survivors living in Iran each spoke about their parents.

Factors in the production of the documentary Wave of Destiny are; Writer, Editor and Director: Amir Hoshang Danaei, Photographer: Heshmatollah Hamedinejad, Sound Recording and Refining: Mehdi Danaei, Color Correction and Visual Effects: Davood Najibi, Producer: RFE / RL.

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