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Solving the problem of 1067 enterprises to maintain employment – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, Ali Hossein Raiatifard, referring to the 400,000 inspections of the country’s workshops، He stated: with the aim of strengthening the regulatory infrastructure in the field of occupational safety, the development and revision of several bylaws and technical protection instructions in the High Council of Technical Protection as the National Parliament of Occupational Safety is also on the agenda. In this regard, only in the first month of this year, with the efforts of colleagues of this ministry and social partners in the High Council for Technical Protection, the draft resolution No. 155 on “Occupational Safety and Health” recently drafted in the Islamic Consultative Assembly to the relevant ministry , Completed 3 months ahead of schedule and submitted to the Cabinet for approval, and this is important as one of the strategic and major pillars of promoting occupational safety and health at the national level, the results of which in the medium term can guarantee the formation of a fledgling national movement. And become a meta-device to create a dynamic occupational safety and health culture in the country.

Deputy Minister of Labor Relations, Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare stressed: The Ministry of Labor is trying to lay the foundation and capacity building for the activities of start-ups and knowledge-based companies in the field of occupational safety and health, a good platform to fulfill the slogan of the year in line with localization of safe technology in industry Provided manpower.

Monitor production and employment problems on a weekly basis

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He explained about the impact of production challenges on employment and the missions that have been defined or carried out in this field: Deputy Minister of Labor Relations with continuous monitoring of the status of production units throughout the country on a weekly basis Related immediately, while holding meetings with relevant officials, including other relevant ministries and banks, etc., takes the necessary measures to resolve the problem and prevent the transformation of production issues and challenges.

Raitifard also emphasized the impact of visiting factories and reviving semi-closed workshops on the development of production and job creation: “According to the available statistics, there are currently about 1,000 semi-active production units in the country. Units on a continuous basis and removal of production barriers is a very important factor to prevent the conversion of these units into closed and stagnant units that is on the agenda.

Measures to support the workforce and boost production

The Deputy Minister of Labor explained the situation of labor protection and production boom and said: “Following the 17% reduction of workers with deferred wages from 78,341 to 64,978, the obligation of companies subordinated to ministries and government agencies to fully comply with the law.” Work and start a special inspection of them, pay unemployment insurance benefits to more than 93% of people left during the coronation period, approve the safety regulations for manual drilling of wells in the Supreme Council of Technical Protection and publish in the official newspaper, approval, executive regulations of occupational safety and health regulations In (Convention 155 of the International Labor Organization) in the High Council for Technical Protection, a 21% increase in the approval of labor discipline regulations compared to the same period last year, the establishment and implementation of unemployment insurance system to expedite the provision of services to applicants ir, 4.1% reduction in the number of troubled enterprises, monitoring and implementation of 169 job classification schemes in enterprises subject to the labor law in order for the labor force to benefit from a fair wage, helping to solve the problem of 1067 problematic enterprises to maintain and stabilize the labor force and Also support 259 thousand 570 workers at risk of unemployment, 33,000 special inspections of high-risk workshops in the construction, mining, gas, oil and petrochemical industries in order to reduce accidents and improve safety, lead the establishment of 665 trade unions and new employers, lead the re-election of 1127 trade unions And Employer, holding more than 16,000 training hours for members of trade unions and employers, publishing occupational health standards for workers related to 240 items of equipment and machinery, launching a national labor monitoring system for online monitoring to enforce labor law www.payeshkar.mcls .gov.i, reviewing the executive instructions of the regulations, training of employers, workers and trainees, compiling a draft of the regulations of indoor work safety, compiling 60 books and safety instructions and publishing 30 of them, and holding general and specialized training courses on safety and technical protection 859 1,286 man-hours and review of technical protection of equipment and devices to 11,921 devices are among the measures in this section.

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