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Some pilgrims complain about the disruption of Iran Air flights

After a few years of failure or failure to attend the epic of Arbaeen Hosseini due to the special circumstances of Corona, while the hope of pilgrimage and banquet is present, we must reveal the pain and heart that is more painful for those involved in Arbaeen.

Last week, four members of the board of trustees of the Arbaeen procession left for the holy shrines with a limited opportunity to review, plan and prepare for this year’s Arbaeen procession.

According to the internal responsibilities of the members [یک نفر وکیل پایه یک دادگستری متدین و متعهد، یک نفر مهندس نخبه در صنایع موشکی، نفر سوم دیپلمات متعهد و مجرب، نفر چهارم از مدیران فرهنگی آموزشی شناخته شده]We decided to buy a ticket from the flight of the Islamic Republic Airlines.

let’s move on; An intensive program was set up for three days and the necessary coordination was made with the Iraqi parties. On Tuesday 10/3/1401, we departed on Iran Air Flight 5325, which was delayed by an hour and a half, and there was no expectation of apology or reason for the delay, so our first appointment in Baghdad was unfortunately delayed by the same 1.5 hours. .

After three days of following the procession, we must say safe from the return flight in the heat of 45 degrees in Iraq.

On Friday, 13/3/1401, in flight 5338 of “Iran Air”, again without any prior notice, we were faced with a delay of three and a half hours, which lasted an hour and a half without moving inside an aircraft that was free of any kind of ventilation and cooling devices.

The guests who were asked complained rudely about the lack of staff and even bothered to bring water for our patients who had to take medicine, and in response to the passengers’ protest, their explanation was that the reception was already the norm. But now it happens once, which surprised everyone, the so-called reception where not even the dishes and garbage were collected, and it caused a double surprise for the passengers until we reached our destination, thank God.

But in the end, a fundamental question is whether the above conditions exist for flights to Antalya, Istanbul, Europe, etc.? Or is it just for us travelers to the holy shrines?

Peace be upon the Board of Trustees of the Salvation Army

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