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Sony has officially started supporting M.2 SSDs for PS5

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If you’re one of those users who’ve been eagerly awaiting the PlayStation 5 storage upgrade, now is the time. The latest software update released for the PS5 console allows users to upgrade their storage through the M.2 port with high-speed SSDs.

Support for M.2 SSDs has been officially enabled for the PS5

In June, we saw that Sony had enabled the beta of this feature for some users to test. Upgrading storage space with M.2 SSDs is another big and important feature of the PlayStation 5 that Sony has already made available.

Sony has finally put an end to expectations

Sony finally released the update on Wednesday, and now the PlayStation 5 console easily supports M.2 SSDs, which will play the same role as the console’s main drive. Installing SSD M.2 Side on this console is very simple and you can install it in just 30 seconds according to the instructional videos on YouTube. Sony has also uploaded an official video on its website for better training.

As you know, the PlayStation 5 console provides users with only 667 GB of storage space, and considering the volume of new video games that are increasing day by day, this space does not seem very interesting and sufficient. Fortunately, Sony has added the ability to increase storage space for the PS5, and the console is equipped with an M.2 port for expanding internal memory. The company has introduced a list of some SSDs compatible with this console, which you can see below. Also, for more information and to get acquainted with the best SSDs in the domestic market that are suitable for PS5, see the article we have published in the past.

Short list of several PlayStation 5 compatible SSDs

Sony has officially started supporting M.2 SSDs for PS5

But support for M.2 SSDs is not all that the new update for the PlayStation 5 brings. Users can now customize the colors of the Control Center UI. In the past, the user interface of this section was static and only a few limited options were considered for its personalization. But now you can easily organize all the items in this section and customize the colors as well. Other parts of the user interface that have been improved include the Game Base, Game Library, and Home Screen.

Select stream resolution on PS Now

Another new feature on the PlayStation 5 is the PlayStation Now service. Users of this service will now be able to choose their desired resolution for streaming from the two options 1080p and 720p. The ability to test connectivity has also been added to the troubleshooting process.

3D Audio support

The update also provides 3D audio support for the TV’s built-in speakers. In the past, using 3D audio features on the PlayStation 5 required a Pulse 3D or headset compatible with this feature. But from now on, users will also benefit from 3D sound with their TV’s built-in speakers and quite simply. This feature is also well optimized to give users the best experience.

Users can use the microphone built into the DualSense controller to measure the acoustics of the sound in their room and adjust the 3D audio settings accordingly. In addition to the above, there are other changes in this version that are minor. What do you think of Sony’s new update for the PlayStation 5? Be sure to share your views with us.

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