Start of pre-sale without Shahin lottery from today / Factory and market price difference

According to Tejarat News, the automotive group Saipa, The pre-seller of Shahin car will start from today without drawing lots. Applicants have until the capacity to register.

Saipa started the second stage of pre-sale of this product from today (May 28) at 10:00 AM. This will continue until capacity is reached.

At this stage of the sale, Shahin Jay is offered. The delivery time of this car is in August and September. Accordingly, applicants can refer to the Internet address To register the mentioned car (سیپانیوز).

Falcon in a few markets

According to Tejarat News, the factory price of this car is 343 million and 580 thousand Tomans and the price of this car in Market, Is about 365 to 370 million tomans. These figures show that buyers should شاهین.جی To buy in the market about 21 to 26 million tomans more expensive than the factory.

Until recently, this car was one of the few products whose factory prices were higher than the market.

Follow the latest news about carmakers’ sales on the car pre-sale page.

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